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Bio - Poetic Warrijah
The message…

The Poetic Warrijah's (aka Mario da Costa) message is simple. It’s about teaching people to live their dreams, its about “driving’ living’ hip hop”.

“My drive is to create something that is empowering, real, alive and above all entertaining” says the antidote. “I’m all about putting life back into hip hop.”

Hip Hop is a very powerful genre and artists need to infuse their music with the right types of message. The Poetic Warrijah{aka antidote} says he wants to bring glamour and some real style back into music.

“I like to be serious about the things I talk about in my music. The only thing for me is that I love to put it in poetic way, full of spirit, life, truth & above all it has to be entertaining,” says the Poetic Warrijah.

The music...

Mario da Costa is the creator, singer, songwriter and poet behind the Poetic Warrijah[antidote1].

Inspired by the likes of Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder as well as 2Pac and Redman, Mario introduces a fresh and exciting turn in the world of urban music.

“I’ve tried to come up with a concept that can offer something really exciting and spectacular to the world. I call it ‘Antidote 1, drivin’ living’ hiphop. That’s a message that anyone in the world would appreciate.”

"I want to offer a positive alternative to the current market," he says.

Though his music is positive, the Poetic Warrijah's message remains real. He says be strong, believe in yourself and never give up, cause life may not easy and may be a struggle.

“Keep your head up and be strong. That’s really what I’m trying to say to people” says Mario.

The Poetic Warrijah's current tracks include:

da Champion (2008) -life (2009)

da Game (2008) -time(2009)

The rise…

Mario is the 3rd eldest of 7 children, 6 boys and 1 girl. Born in Africa, Mario and his family moved to Portugal in [1982] and then migrated to Australia in 1986. He has lived in Brisbane ever since.

“I guess you can call me an African, Portuguese, Australian man,” says Mario.

Being on stage and performing has been part of Mario’s life since his early primary school days. He was a regular performer at Rotary Camps, Blue Light Discos, Qld PCYC concerts and numerous competitions.

However, Mario’s upbringing was not all discos and gigs. In his late teens, Mario went through a rough patch and associated with ‘the wrong crowds’. He started drinking and did some things he regretted.

As Mario started to realise what he was doing, he took a turn for the better. Instead of hating life, he started to be inspired by it. He realised that life wasn’t meant to be easy, but if you kept your head up and followed your dream, you would come out better.

The Poetic Warrijah(antidote1) was one of Mario’s dreams, more than 15 years in the making. Without trying to sound cliché, the Poetic Warrijah is a demonstration of Mario 'walking to the talk'.

“I want to put life back into Hip Hop” says Mario. “Hip Hop deserves to have some people that believe in the family institution, the oldest institution in the world” he says. "I believe in that".

“I am going to bring that back into the world. I’m going to bring real glamour back. I’m going to bring back some real style”.

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