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Antigone is a melting pot of rock. Influences range from old classic rock to the modern sounds of today. Solid songwriting and communication b/w members is an outstanding characteristic of Antigone. Lengthy well thought out songs are the product of this tight knit group.


Antigone is a rock band that hails from El Paso, Texas. Our members include: Israel Vaquera/bass, Adam Armstrong/drums, and Jacob Zarate/guitar & vocals. Antigone formed in December 2002, but we have played together in other groups prior to this project. Our music has progressed and evolved dramatically since we started playing together. We take great pride in our music and the processes that we endure to achieve particular musical goals. We consider ourselves artists rather than musicians. Our music has meaning and is well thought out. It is important for us to be true to ourselves in the songwriting process, in other words, we create music that sounds good to us and do not let outside influences interfere with the art that we produce. Since we do not limit ourselves when writing music, the songs we create usually take longer than the average song. Antigone’s songs are usually longer than six or seven minutes. An Antigone song takes time to develop, but is well worth the wait. The band’s sound ranges from soothing melodies that are usually enhanced by guitar and vocal effects to heavier climaxes. Delay is a favorite toy in our band and is used often, but wisely. Live shows are unique experiences that are always enjoyed by the listeners. We plan to continue evolving and striving for success. The one thing that makes the hard work and effort worth the while is the fact that we create music that we enjoy and share it with people. Money and fame may come and go, but the music is the true gift that we are truly grateful for.


Antigone EP Lyrics

Written By: Antigone

cheer up, my bitter half is dead
the world in all can now lay down their heads
he’s gone, my bitter half is dead
the road is known to widen up ahead, and all below is known to rise again
he’s gone, my bitter half is dead
safe with the road that’s known to widen up ahead
the road is known to widen up, and all below will rise again
and I become undone, because the road is spent

whoever has the answers at hand, should carry them with confidence
however they fall, bury them with nobody else
lower any expectations of riding out any limitations
keep riding out the war
lay down, play dead

you breathe life into me
someone, somewhere, out there has finally found me
pulled me in
elevated me, resurrected me
all I wanted, all I needed
is that you hold me close and you pull me in
right on the money this time
freedom from the war here on the outskirts of love
the light grows bright again as the doors swing wide open
and you hold me close with your antidote
run right out of time to make up promises from now on out


Crise Blanche (Full length) 2008 - on Itunes
Antigone EP 2003 - self titled (radio airplay)
Single - The Road (radio airplay)

Set List

5 or 6 original songs all over six minutes long
30 - 40 minute set
no covers