Anti Idol

Anti Idol


High energy pop punk/rock band with large variation of songs ie fast, slow, funk, punk. We love to play love gigs whenever we can. All songs are original and we currently have 17!


Formed at the end of 2006, Anti Idol is a four man band, with a diverse range of original songs. We are: Mitch Prax (16), bass guitar; Max Warne (15), lead guitar; Matt Bartlett (16), vocals; and Alex Downs (14), drums.

We are not a cover band! Although we're young, we've already written 17 original songs. These songs started as pop punk/ rock but we are now exploring some really diverse styles - fast, slow and even a brand new funk song which we have just written. Our influences include Green Day, Blink 182, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, the Ramones, Nirvana, Sum 41, the Sex Pistols, Guns n Roses, the Foo Fighters, the Clash, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC.

What sets us apart is pure passion and dedication for our music. This is what we plan to do with our lives and we are focussed on artistic and commercial success. We have great family support.

When we play live we play with our heart and soul and love to bounce around the place.

We practice constantly at a local studio and have entered several band competitions with some success. We love to gig whenever we can. Unfortunately we are restricted to venues that accept under-18s, so we put on our own gigs. We will be performing live at the Hornsby PCYC in November 2008 and this will be huge! Bigger and better than last year's St Ives gig. We expect a massive crowd.


We have just recorded our first EP. It's a self-titled CD which we plan to send out to get airplay. It has five of our best known songs: Pretty Face, Anarchy Angel, Blame Us, She'll Never Know and Liquid Idiot.

Set List

All of our songs are originals!

Pretty Face *
Anarchy Angel *
Mystery Girl
Garbage Juice
Blame Us *
She’ll Never Know *
Take My Hand
Strange and Deranged
The Darkest Day
Liquid Idiot *
Rock On
Operation Hammer-Cat
Sleeping in the Sky

* On our newly recorded EP