BandHip Hop

The music that Anti-Lilly creates could be best described as an organic process of self therapy.He chronicles events from his life and tells them from both sides of the spectrum.Its as if your friend decided to share the story of his young life with you as its happening; sparing no details.


Houston is a city known for its determination, sticktoitiveness, and sweltering summertime weather that could make any man lose his sanity.Emerging from the depths of the city's eastside is a rare form of emcee who embodies that very same mindset thanks to the influence of his father being an active role model throughout his youth.Born in a musical household; Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson and other substantial artists helped to tune the ears of Anti while growing up. During the time he was an adolescent freestyling with his older cousins is when Anti acquired a passion for hip-hop.He started songwriting and eventually began to rock crowds of his fellow peers throughout his highschool years.Now at 21, Anti-Lilly has carried on that same determination to progress not only sonically,but psychologically with hopes that his art can not only touch the ears of his city but also play a part in influencing a whole culture.


Memoirs & The 90's