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Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands | INDIE

Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands | INDIE
Band Rock Punk




""Start From Scratch!" in Mass Movement Magazine (UK)"

One of the best and most honest records I have heard this year, filled with tunes that make you want to rock and still make you think - Mass Movement Magazine (UK)

""Start From Scratch!" on Room Thirteen (UK)"

Don't expect anything like the Sex Pistols - Room Thirteen (UK)

""Start From Scratch!" on Pastepunk (USA)"

That feeling that you are listening to something unquantifiably special - Pastepunk (USA)

""Start From Scratch!" on Buzzlegoose (USA)"

If you’re looking for a band that’s lively, passionate, and true to the original punk-rock creed, search no more - Buzzlegoose (USA)

""Testimony" in Slam Magazine (DE)"

Antillectual from Nijmegen has every right in the world to be mentioned among bands like The Loved Ones, A Wilhelm Scream or Against Me! When listening to "Testimony" you realize how much heart those guys put into writing and composing. You get the feeling of holding a record in your hand that European punkrock can pin its hope on - Slam Magazine (DE)

"Antillectual among Buma Cultuur top musical export 2008"

De Nederlandse muziekexport is in 2008 met ruim vijftien procent gestegen ten opzichte van het jaar daarvoor. De totale opbrengst van de export van Nederlandse muziek bedroeg 50,2 miljoen euro.

Net als in 2007 gelden André Rieu, Tiësto, Armin van Buuren en Ferry Corsten als de belangrijkste Nederlandse exportproducten. Dj’s als Laidback Luke, Marco V, Sander Kleinenberg, Menno de Jong, Fedde Le Grand, Sander van Doorn en Richard Durand zijn opkomend in het buitenlandse clubcircuit, terwijl in de rocksector vooral Epica, Antillectual, Born from Pain, No Turning Back, Peter Pan Speedrock en Within Temptation artiesten met een opmerkelijk aantal optredens in 2008 zijn. - Buma Cultuur

""Testimony" in LiveXS"

Antillectual sticks to DIY-principles and demonstrates that you can make both a good sounding record and travel around the world with your band as long as you know how to arrange things well. And for a change this is a band with a socio-political message. Punk as fuck as they say. - LiveXS (NL)

""Testimony" on Punktastic"

It's hard-hitting and full of awesome riffs yet manages to be melodic and full of singalongs too. Many bands fail to get the balance right and end up too far to one side, but Antillectual get it right. This is a good solid record and well worth checking out. - Punktastic (UK)

""Testimony" in Up Magazine (97/100)"

The political punk with a raw edge is catchy and contageous. But also emo and indie rock fan can relate to this album. The three Dutchmen have a clear message, which they spread intelligibly in the beautiful booklet. Punk has seldom sounded so inspired. - Up Magazine

""Testimony" in OOR"

Antillectual is possibly Holland’s hardest working punkrock band. The frequent playing caused Antillectual’s growth into a determined, politically aware punkrock machine. - OOR

""Testimony" on Punknews (9/10)"

This album proves why this band is one of Europe's leading punk bands. Testimony offers incredible variation whilst within the boundaries of the unique sound Antillectual have created themselves. This isn't really like any other band, which is why it's so damn good. Antillectual from Nijmegen, Netherlands playing fucking awesome punk-rock and I could happily listen to this album a million times. -

""Testimony" in OX Zine (7/10)"

If the ?rst album was only close to what “Testimony” is, I’ve really missed out. Almost everything goes together nicely on here and is almost perfect. This album will get a lot extra spins in my player. - OX Fanzine


• “Silencing Civilization” (CD/LP 2005, Angry Youth Records. Repress Shield Recordings 2008)

• “Waves” (7”, 2007, Square of Opposition Records, Glory Days of Youth Records)

• “Testimony” (CD/LP 2008, Fond of Life Records, Infected Records, No Reason Records, Rise or Rust Records, Shield Recordings, Youth Way Records, Jump Start Records, Fast Life

• “Pull the Plug” (Acoustic 7”, Shield Recordings, No Reason Records, Sums Records)

• “Start From Scratch!” (CD/LP 2010, 5 Feet Under Records, Discos Rayados Records, Effervescence Records, Infected Records, Lockjaw Records, No Reason Records, Shield
Recordings, Square of Opposition Records)

• Countless international samplers



The easiest way to get a grasp of Antillectual’s extensive service record would be to simply summarize what the Nijmegen-based band has not done yet. Ever since their 2005 debut Silencing Civilization, they have been revving the engine to the max. Hence why the influential Dutch music magazine OOR labels them ‘the hardest-working punk band’. Subsequent albums Testimony (2008) and Start From Scratch! (2010) allow the band to further expand their territory. The vast array of shows played in Europe, the USA and Russia have earned the band a spot in Buma Cultuur’s list of ‘top musical export’ 3 years in a row.

Antillectual’s passionate music is melodic and energetic. A wide range of references is used to describe Antillectual's sound. With a sound firmly rooted in the combustible, dynamic punk of the '90's skate scene while incorporating hints of modern emo, orgcore and even metal, the band’s
sound is very distinctive. What defines that sound is a sense of urgency that resonates in each and every song

Antillectual have perfected the romantic idea of being a touring band into a routine that is carried out with full dedication of all band members. They have played their energetic, inspiring live set to audiences across the USA, Russia and Europe well over 600 times, supporting a full
European tour for Boysetsfire and opening for Rise Against, the Gaslight Anthem, Against Me!, Propagandhi and Hot Water Music among many other peers. Festivals such as The Fest 7(Gainesville FL, USA), Eurosonic / Noorderslag (NL), Give It A Name fest (IT), Incubate (NL), Fluff Fest (CZ) and Jera On Air (NL) are merely the tip of the iceberg

“If you want to achieve something, work as hard as you can”. In short, that is Antillectual’s epigram. Rooted in the Do It Yourself culture, the band approaches their cause professionally, both on and off stage, proving that DIY is not synonymous to unprofessional. On the contrary! Their relentless efforts have seen the band achieving many peaks, such as frequent support for their tours by the Dutch MusicXport programme.

Their most melodic release to date, Start From Scratch! consists of 12 songs ranging from blazing hardcore to emo rock, accompanied by lyrics on politics, protest and personal
perceptions, supported by pounding drums, pumping bass, catchy guitar riffs and guest vocals by Propagandhi’s Chris Hannah. Released November 1st, 2010 by 10 different labels throughout the USA, Russia and Europe. The band offers the album as a pay-what-you-like download at March 2012 saw the album being released in Brazil and a second pressing on vinyl is on it’s way.

With raving reviews in their pocket, Antillectual are well on their way to get their music heard, in new territories, by new people, and not the least by the fan base the band has carefully built up.