Oakland, California, USA

Antioquia's music has been called "a wild ride to the center of the earth." Led by powerhouse frontwoman Maddy Streicek and delivered with high energy, charm and a palpable love for the groove, Antioquia's unique blend of West African rhythm and experimental rock will have you dancing. Guaranteed.


Birthed in Colombia and bred in the Bay Area, Oakland-based foursome Antioquia makes original music that inspires deep listening and raucous dancing.

They deliver their peculiar blend of experimental rock and African-inspired polyrhythms with disarming energetic charm. Frontwoman Mana Maddy Streicek leads the charge with her powerful vocals and keys. She's joined by Paul Martin on bass, Adley Penner on guitar, and Craig Miller on drums.

The band’s debut LP and their first self-release effort, Gringolandia (2008), was described as “a wild ride to the center of the earth and the depths of the soul” by West Coast Performer Magazine. Composed entirely of songs written in the band's Colombian period by guitarist Adley Penner and drummer Craig Miller, Gringolandia contains some heavy emotional reactions to war ("P.T.S.D." and "Curulao") and the fumigation of Colombian communities ("Guerra" and "Land"), as well as some playful tunes, such as "D.A.S." (about the Colombian immigration department) and "Procreation."

The group has come a long way in the years since their debut, growing not only tighter as a musical family but also developing a sound that is all their own. Antioquia released their sophomore LP, entitled "My Piano Ate the Front Page of the San Francisco Chronicle," in April 2010. The product of just 4 days in the studio, My Piano is raw and potent. Much like Gringolandia reflects the place of its conception, this release reflects the band's urban setting in the Bay Area for the past 3 years - exploring themes of anxiety and alienation induced by mass-media, power imbalance and city life.

The album was given a great review by Associate Editor of Dennis Cook and listed as one of the site's "Albums of the Week" on March 5 2010. He writes: "You gotta love a band that's impossible to pigeonhole. Antioquia is stewed from feisty rebel music from many continents, flavorful social consciousness with a hot pepper zest, sexy and smart and waiting to be slurped up in a hungry rush. Latin and African rhythms skip with guitars that wouldn't be out of place in Captain Beefheart's Magic Band or headier live Talking Heads. There's also the New World Order shattering, quasi-future thrust of prime Devo or Pere Ubu, plus the charged, earthy poetics of Patti Smith to boot. If it seems I'm throwing a lot at the wall, well, you kinda have to with Antioquia. There's some profound shit going inside My Piano… but you could also fuck like a beast to it. Politics and social inquiry are rarely so mouthwatering, and it's a safe bet Fela, Gil Scott-Heron and Sun Ra would LOVE this."

Randy Ray of writes: "Very unexpected, this. Think Santana in a psychedelic African jungle with a detour down a Bolivian back street, and one gets a glimpse of the magical soundscapes of this Bay Area what-have-you quartet. Whether or not their instrument devoured a newspaper, or their collective decibel-dog ate their musical homework is beside the point. What does matter is that the music is sophisticated and memorable without being distant and aloof." (full article here:

Antioquia's live show is bursting with wild energy and infused with a playful darkness that can only be experienced en vivo. Hinting at everything from funk and rock to soukous and puya, Antioquia will take you on a dangerous musical journey that will leave you buzzing.


Hay Que Comer

Written By: Adley Penner & Craig Miller

Hoy no hay ninguna forma de obtener la comida que quiero
De pronto ayuno porque no tengo opcion
Puedo encontrarme con algo por aca
Hay que comer lo que hay, lo que hay

No siempre, no siempre...
Puedo darme el placer que deseo
Yo se sufrir pero yo se que la idea de sufrir es nada mas que un pensamiento
de la consciencia y de los que siempre tienen mas que necesitan
Me han ensenado que el no tener es sufrir, pero la tranquilidad esta en el no necesitar
estoy en mi desaprendizaje
Olvido el de la sencillez, Yo se que puedo tener mas de lo preciso
Mis necesidades son muy pocas
El almuerzo mejor que he comido fue de lo que hubo

Hay que comer lo que hay, lo que hay
Y no aguantar hambre

La comodidad es un ciclo malicioso que te pide mas comodidad, hasta que uno logra el desaprendizaje que nunca va estar comodo, que nunca va estar comodo, que nunca va estar comodo con la comodidad falsa

Humans Do

Written By: Maddy Streicek

Fightin fightin fightin.
That's all you humans do.
Wastin wasting wastin,
the energy the sun gives to you.
People people people,
open your eyes and see.
Humans humans humans,
Where's your humanity?

Oh greed
Oh power
Oh please
Now is the hour

Fightin fightin fightin
with your dirty weapons of war.
Missin missin missin
the joy that your existence is for.
Money money money
doesn't mean all that much.
When power power power
has got you in its mighty clutch.

Oh greed
Oh power
Oh please
Now is the hour
Lay down your fear
Share up your resources
The time is here for that love revolution

Atom bomb BOOM (Crash!)
Custer's cluster bombs
Blastin away
the face of the earth
is cryin
"Oh! What a waste!"

Land mine (Crash!)
Lodged deep in the heart of their bein
waitin to go off
with their heads
Look around at the wasteland we've made

Fallin' out! (Crash!)
With their tanks and their guns
and their guns and the bombs
They say: "it's all in the hands of a few"
But hate is enacted through the wallets of the many
Genocide in Darfur
while you're countin up your pennies
From the stock market
The real black market
Tradin in suffering!

The Amazon

Written By: A.Penner, M.Streicek, P.Martin, C.Miller

I would swim in the Amazon, baby...
I would swing in the Amazon trees...
Battle if I had to all the Amazon creatures...
Sing for the Amazon, sing for thee.


{{My piano ate the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle}} 2010, Self-released *Available for streaming, purchase and by-donation Digital Download from

{{Gringolandia}} 2008, self-released in partnership with Yonas Media

{{Arcanos}} 2007, self released

Set List

Typical set list consists of some experimental/progressive rock songs, 1 or 2 AfroColombian folkloric percussion sets, some funk tunes, and some latin or soukous-based tunes. That being said, we have a sound and a flow that ties all these influences and leanings together.

All Relative
Animal Being
Cuidando La Pared
Gaita Groove
Going to the Mountains
Hay Que Comer
High-end Logistics
Humans Do
La Encontre
La Mica
Man Jumpin' off the Planet
Mississippi River
My Piano Ate the Front Page of the San Francisco Chronicle
Police Brutality
Rage of Love
Under the Walnut Tree
While I Pay My Dues
Work for Food

AFROCOLOMBIAN PERCUSSION JAMS (performed amongst the audience)
Cinco Cuatro
My Feets Can't Fail Me Now
Viento Fuerte