We mix acoustic, rock, pop, reggae and anything that sounds cool with unique vocals and outside-the-box songwriting.


After touring and performing as a solo acoustic singer/songwriter, Cory Wilson decided it was time to take his sound to the next level. In late 2008 he uprooted and moved to Utah, where he immediately joined forces with accomplished guitarist and studio owner, Curtis Laib. Together they began performing around Salt Lake City and drawing fans of all types. In the Spring of 2009 Cory and Curtis again wanted to take their music to the next level and round out the sound by adding drummer Byron Hall to the mix. Instantly the trio meshed well and recorded a 6 song demo album after just 2 weeks, and began performing within 1 month. AntiVibe continues to develop different arrangements, new songs and ways to take their chemistry to the stage.


Libe Sessions (Demo album recorded @ Libe Studios)

Set List

1. The Decision/Hold the Lime (2 songs @5 mins. upbeat. Always the intro)
2. So Right (3 mins med. fast)
3. Hook (Our version of the Blues Traveler hit)
4. Market Street (3 mins slow somber)
5. Oregon Swing (4 mins med fast ska)
6. Ashes (our version of the hit by Pepper)
7. Better Than Right (5 mins med slow)
8. Pendleton Penetration (3 mins fast)
9. Toe Tappin (3 mins med fast)
10. The Death of Lucinda LeDeau (3 mins 2 guitars only slow ballad)
11. One More Minute (3 mins fast Dub)
12. Witching Moon (3 mins med slow ballad)
13. Rio (4 mins med fast)
14. Last Dance w/Mary Jane (4 mins cover of Tom Petty hit)
15. Sophia (3 mins fast)
16. Super Man (4 mins fast crowd favorite)
17. Away from You (4 mins med ballad)
18. El Scorcho (Weezer hit)
19. You Got it All (5 min slow-fast. Always our closer)
More songs available