Anti War Comedy Tour

Anti War Comedy Tour


The Anti War Comedy Tour consists of a group of political comedians who are dedicating their humor skills to help end the war. These comedians truly believe that the Microphone is more powerful than the Cruise Missile.


Founded by Dave Reinitz in 2006. The Anti War Comedy Tour consists of a group of comedians who are dedicating their craft to help end the war. These comedians truly believe that the Microphone is more powerful than the Cruise Missile. The show features 4-7 comedians, performing Stand-up comedy, Improv and a reading of the News similar in style to “The Daily Show.” The Mission and goals of the group are stated clearly at the opening of every show. At the end of the show all audience members are asked to sign a petition called the People's Peace Treaty.


Some say that the Anti-War Comedy Tour is destined to preach to the choir. I say hallelujah. One day I was walking on the beach in Santa Monica, I came upon the Arlington West Memorial. It is a display of crosses spread across the beach memorializing the fallen soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. I was overwhelmed with emotion. When I pulled myself together I spent some time with the Veterans for Peace who worked so diligently every Sunday creating the display, hard working dedicated people, I reflected on how emotionally draining and difficult it must be to recreate a cemetery every Sunday morning, a cemetery that grows each and every week. We turned our second show into a fundraiser for this great organization. The success of the event could never be measured by the dollars raised, instead I measure it by the fact that these hard working activists were appreciated and celebrated and made to feel like the heroes they are. The fact that some of the audience members became volunteers and that we were able to point some press coverage toward their work was just icing on the cake. Dave Reinitz comes from a politically aware family. His Father was a history professor and his mother is a nationally known Muralist, who was one of the original Freedom Riders. Dave knew we were in trouble when G.W. Bush was appointed President based on the principle of “don’t count the votes.” His comedy first took a more radical bend after September 11th. That morning his mother was on her way to a meeting at #7 world trade center. It was the longest day of his life until he heard from her late that evening. Dave’s long standing mentor and friend is Jon Randolph Floyd who is the bomber pilot interviewed in the ground breaking 1973 documentary “Hearts and Minds”. In 2005 Dave was a passenger on Jet Blue Flight 292, which had faulty landing gear and was forced to make an emergency landing. The jet was in the air flying around for 3 hours, and was a media sensation. During those long 3 hours, Dave began wondering if he would live or die, then he made an emotional connection to the war in Iraq and what is must be like for the soldiers in a war zone who must struggle with that feeling all the time. It was after that experience that he created the Anti-War Comedy Tour. A way for him and others to stand up for peace through laughter, “You cant hate when your laughing” .


Jimmy Dore was born into a Catholic family of twelve in a very blue-collar neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. Tagged a rebel for occasionally reading a book and thinking for himself, Jimmy quickly turned to comedy to ease the pain of the beatings. In 1995, Jimmy moved to Los Angeles to get on television and it actually worked. He has appeared on every major network multiple times. The high point of Jimmy's stand-up career came last September when he taped his own 1/2 hour Comedy Special for Comedy Central which began airing in 2004. Jimmy played the hilarious neighbor on AMC’s Movies at My House, and was invited to perform at the 2003 HBO US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen Colorado. The Hollywood reporter said jimmy was among the five comics at the festival that generated the most "buzz". (Whatever the fuck that means.) Jimmy also is a writer/performer for the critically acclaimed, Off Broadway hit, The Marijuana-logues which is currently running at the Actor's Playhouse in New York. It was a role Jimmy first played at the Melbourne Comedy festival in April of 2003. He first appeared on Comedy Central’s Make Me Laugh, fulfilling a life long dream of turning an art form into a cheesy, basic-cable game show. Unfortunately it went well and he was booked to do four more, an experience that Jimmy warmly refers to as “embarrassing” and "tough to watch." Then, in 1997, he was invited to Montreal Canada to perform at the Just For Laughs international comedy festival. He caught the eye of NBC talent scouts and producers (okay, it was only one guy, but he was impressed enough for three) and was given a spot on NBC’s Friday Night! He quickly became a show favorite (true) and was signed to make five return appearances. From there Jimmy has gone on to make multiple stand-out appearances on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn (that’s on CBS motherfuckers), and two winning performances on NBC’s Late Friday. (Winning performance, how do you like that adjective?) Then Jimmy flew to New York


Anti War Comedy Tour DVD 2007

Set List

90 Minute Show 4-7 Comedians
MC: Improv with Audience
Stand Up
The News (Multimedia)
Stand Up
Short Film
Stand Up
People's Peace Treaty/Petition Signing