Antler Antennas

Antler Antennas

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Fronted by Stumblesome's Wes Tank on the mic, our sound is akin to throwing some 808 beats, Sun Ra's Arkestra, Joy Division, Shock G and Kraftwerk into a blender. What comes out is richly textured, inspired music that never takes the same exact shape twice.


Antler Antennas started as some studio experiments between drummer Seth Warren-Crow and multi-instrumentalist Sean Behling. The goal was to collaborate on some funky experimental electronic music, but incorporate live instrumentation/performance in order to keep things organic. As material started coming together and other musicians (Wes Tank, Jason Nanna, Dan Reed, Kipp Zavada) were called in for studio sessions to record/improvise various parts, the 'project' started to take on a new life - that of a band. For the band, it was a difficult birth, as knowing when to stop tweaking songs in the studio and then figuring out how to do it live without the luxury of unlimited tracks/effects was a considerable challenge. After nearly a year of building/tinkering it took shape in the 6 person band that it is today.


Sidewalk Tectonics EP
Singular Irregular Online Maxi-Single