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In Love And War- Antoine Carter is over talented and he has it all-Powered by emotional compositions and complex lyric lines, defining R&B/Hip-Hop grooves with catchy hooks. This solo artists alternates eclectic a’capella melodies that form a multifaceted sound scape that is unmistakably his own.


Music is the universal language of mankind." ~Antoine

While many artists take a vigorous approach to landing a record deal, some acts subscribe to an "if you build it, they will come" philosophy. For L.A's new rising R&B star, Antoine Carter, the latter method has proved a welcome fit. "I believe real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love." Antoine is extremely passionate and determined to make a better life for himself, his family, and his comrades through his music. "I'm not scared of anything so I will never back down. My commitment to hip-hop culture is endless."

Born In Canton, Ohio and raised in the bay area of California, Antoine's talents were introduced to him through his mother and father who were also aspiring artists and musicians. They frequently toured and performed with such artists known as the OJ's, Whispers and Larry Graham of "Sly and The Family Stone." Antoine was seven years old when artists such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Run DMC, Slick Rick, and LL Cool J sparked his interests in music. "Once I got a little older, my r&b/hip-hop inspirations came from R-Kelly, Gerald Levert, Babyface, Tupac, Jay-Z, and Outkasts."

It was at PIER 39, San Francisco's premiere bay attraction, which initiated a lifelong interest in the entertainment industry. "I made one hundred dollars break dancing in less than one hour. That day I fell in luv with hip hop!" After grinding in the streets and doing what he had to do to build his credibility, the Bay Area/Ohio-bred artist finally got his chance to shine through the support of Pro Music Records.

Mr. Antoine Carter, a co-founder and the chairman of Pro Music Records, provides the vision for the indie record label's future. A renowned producer, recording artists, and recent employee with Major record label, Capitol Records, Mr. Antoine Carter has directly contributed to millions of revenue in the record industry. Having earned a degree as a Recording Engineer at the Los Angeles Recording School, Mr. Carter has placed great emphasis on producing high quality entertainment and has continued to excel and establish himself in the music and entertainment industry.

Set to release his debut album In Love and War on Pro Music Records Inc., this dynamic entertainer is ready to deliver. Infusing pop and r&b melodies to rich, soulful production the album is sure to score with fans and critics alike. With the album in the chamber, ready to go, Antoine now just has to prepare himself for the stardom that is sure to follow. Poised as Los Angeles's next big R&B/hip-hop star, Antoine is set to break topsoil and emerge fully-grown into hip-hop culture's mainstream.


Banga Chick

Written By: Antoine Carter, Brian “D.C.” Collins for Pro Music Records Publishing Co.


1st Verse:
You’re a super woman. You gotta super body
can I put a “S” on ya chest iced out your blessed
come and get with this super daddy
You’re a Super model and you make me wanna holla
You’re a Super duper chick and ya looking super marvelous
I can’t let you pass me by without stopping to say hi
Cause your so super classy so please don’t walk right pass me
Can I take you out to lunch, dinner, breakfast or some brunch
mmmm girl your super sassy anything you want just ask me.

You’s a Banga Chick. Don’t matter if your broke or rich
You’re the only one I want in my clique. Girl I realize you are the shhhhh
You’s a Banga Chick. Ain’t no frontin this is real spit
You Make me wanna suck on your bottom lip, Oh my god girl you are the shhhhh

2nd Verse:
Do you like a super freak.. Cause I’m like a dog in heat
I bet your love is incredible and somewhat indefinable
Your style’s amazing girl your so startling
Your sex appeal is enticing, overwhelming, and mouth watering
You are inspiring, and your so breathtaking
Your manner is contagious, and your vibe is so infectious
Girl your astonishing and your so astounding
I find you irresistible, girl you are so beautiful

Repeat Chorus 1x

D.C. Rap:
You gotta body like a sunkist bottle jump in my whip shorty
Im tryna holla, hope you don’t trip shorty, come flip shorty
let me take you out to the coast, lets treat the bed like a boat and get it wet til its soaked
Bet you I’m dope better than that nigga before, a bottle of Moe can make ya panties drop to the floor, I’m hot with the flow, that’s how I copped the yacht that’s afloat, Im kind of a pro, my pole game out of control. You ready to roll? Im fresh off of the plane on a mission. It ain’t no slippin on my pimpin you can see how I’m livin. I see how you giving me eyes, like you ready to sex, I’m willin to bet that I’m gone be the realest you met, you kissing my neck, im beating the cape off of that ass, im going long what its gone take to get me off in that ass, I m tossin that ass, I can see the “S”on your breast. You a super woman, but I put the “S” up in sex C’mon.

Repeat chorus 1x

The Goodz

Written By: Antoine Carter, Donte Carter, Travis Carter, Ira Harden For Pro Music Records Publishing Co.


Girl you got the goodz, you got it no matter the cost i’d buy it
You got the junk in the trunck that’ll make heads spin
you make me wanna break off my ends.
Girl you got the goodz, you got it you know it and you flaunt it
you’s a gem you’s a dime you’s a one of a kind
what does it take to make you mine

1st Verse:
Girl ya lookin sexy got that apple in your eye
you gotta twist in ya hips and them bee stung lips
with them seven jeans squeezing your thighs
I like your mental and your dental girl your style is influential
you got the curve and the swerve, girl ya body is superb
I gotta get with you that’s essential

Pre Chorus 1:
In your coupe, riding your bike, or walking down the street
Girl you got the goodz, gotta have your goodz...
In the gym, or at the mall or dreaming in my sleep
I see you with ya goodz, I gotta have them goodz...

Repeat Chorus 1x

2nd Verse:
What can I say that you ain’t heard before,
I want to be original keep it official.
Cause I can tell you been hit wit game
so flattery that I spit ain’t gone be the same
I wont talk about the usual, like your physical...
I like your inner soul, and how your spiritual
I Like your mind state, your heads on straight
so here we are, it must be fate.

Pre Chorus 2:
At the club posted at the bar, looking like a super star, sipping on your drink
Girl you got the goodz, gotta have your goodz...
At the beach walking on the pier showing off your gear girl you looking so sexy
I see you with ya goodz, I gotta have them goodz...

Repeat Chorus 1x

“Ta’ Smallz” Rap:
You got an ass like a Tennessee Walker. Can I talk to you? Don’t mean to sound forward, but them Goodz Jeans look marvelous. Seen you walking down Ventura you turned and pulled the heat up. Parked the six at the meter, viewed your face and I was speechless.

Antoine Rap:
So I stepped up on the curb and spit some game, it ain’t meaningless
spit some fire to membrane, ill make you chief to this
seen you at the light in the Range, left lane,
winking at me feelin sexy ain’t you happy you met me?
I see it in your eyes, girl your walk is your talk. I’ll represent you til the end
and ill give you support. I wont play you like a sport, just call me Toine for short
I don’t have time to play around I leave my games on the court.
I got yo back I ain’t frontin so just put in a call, dial my 818 digits and i’ll be at your door.
Before you could say hi ya panties be on the floor, I’d have you screaming out my name (Antoine) callin out for more.... you got the m goodz girl

Repeat chorus 1x


Written By: Antoine Carter and Michael Owens for Pro Music Records Publishing Co.

1st Verse:
I wrote this song to let you know
there’s nothing wrong with letting go
and hanging on can hurt too bad,
but it wont be long til you realize what you had

1st Chorus:
You cant paint a perfect picture and hang it on the wall
I can’t stand the way relationships crumble and they fall
Everybody wants to call it quits and give up on the long haul
You cant paint a perfect picture and hang it on the wall

2nd Verse:
Tell me again my love is so special and what it means to you
So I can try to understand it all the crazy things you do
your always up in my face talkin bout better days
Now your telling me you need space , you really need to get away

2nd Chorus:
You cant paint a perfect picture and hang it on the wall
I can’t stand the way relationships crumble and they fall
Everybody wants to call it quits and give up on the long haul
You can’t paint a perfect picture and hang it on the wall

You can’t paint a perfect picture and hang it on the wall
Why if love is so powerful are relationships so difficult
If love is the source of happiness why can’t we let it control our lives
Can we over come these obstacles and forever stay satisfied
Perfect love reads like a book of philosophy, there’s no proof to psychology
Even though we love each other equally why is it hard to open our hearts completely
and have a perfect relationship and when things start to fall apart
why do we run and call it quits and continue to break each others hearts

3rd Chorus:
You can’t paint a perfect picture and hang it on the wall
I can’t stand the way relationships crumble and they fall
Everybody wants to call it quits and give up on the long haul
You can’t paint a perfect picture and hang it on the wall


June 21st, 2007 Antoine Carter "In love and War"-Album/CD/LP

Set List

25 Min Set- Songs Include:
Dont Get Mad
Banga Chick
The Goodz