Los Angeles, California, USA

Antoine has played regional tours with the band Hadan and national tours across the U.S., including SXSW in 2006 and 2007 as the touring drummer of the band Slough Feg. Since 2005 after becoming also a solo artist, he decided to explore a electronic based experimental music sound with is new venture. Antoine's sound to say the least, is a unique sonic journey across the audible universe that fans of classical music or groups like The Orb, Sepultura, and Kraftwerk alike will enjoy and cherish.


"The enigmatic artist known as Antoine. is an avant-garde music composer and a nationally touring professional drummer originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. With a love of the musical arts since the age of 10, has played a range of musical instruments and styles, ranging from the laid back smooth sounds of Jazz, to the chaotic ultra fast blast beat styling of Extreme Metal.

In 2007 Antoine recorded his debut experimental solo release, filled with themes of technology, artificial intelligence, and , 2007’s “NoxiLux Beta” was an innovative array of ambiguous sound-scape’s, surreal melodies, and provocative arrangements, with heavy IDM overtones.

In 2008 Antoine released one of his future classics - 10 tracks of conceptual cinemaesque minimalism entitled “Radix III”. The journey and evolution continued as Diavola’s songs blasted off outside the known galaxy clusters with hyper-velocity to explore ‘strange new worlds’.

In 2016 he made his return with a new groundbreaking electro-classical based sound with his mini release, "Polar Wavelengths".  This release in apart of a themed trilogy, marked a definite change of direction in his sonic prowess.

As he prepares to release one of his defining audible works entitled, "Stones of Oblivion" - who knows what musical twists and turns are in store for us to hear next.

All bets are off."


Black Goat
Tha Glitch
The Lord Weird Slough Feg


"NoxiLux Beta", 2007
"Radix III", 2008

Bit.Krusher "Nexus", 2010
"Polar Wavelengths", 2016
"Enfold", 2017
"Stones of Oblivion - Part I", 2017
"Stones of Oblivion - Part II", 2017
Bit.Krusher "Digital Man", 2017
"Haute Phantasy", 2018
"Stones of Oblivion - Part III", 2018
"Dalet", 2018

Set List

Material from the latest release(s), and a select few from the previous releases, that varies depending on the type (bands on bill, venue size, etc.) and region of the gig(s).