Anton De Martino

Anton De Martino

 Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

SONG WRITER/PRODUCER - A true warrior of the indie dance pop scene. I make music during the week. I perform it on weekends. Very simple concept. - ps want to collaborate with me? could be crazy!!!! NOTE: I love writing songs for other artists.


SONG WRITER/PRODUCER - I'm a local vigilante trying to pick up the pieces and carve a path. Inspired by 80's electronica and the melodies of 90's house, I have spent the last few years turning my imagination into music. Obsessed with keys, synths and bass guitar, I also spent countless years spinning vynal across Sydney and radio to pay the bills.
As a self taught producer/engineer, I frequently miss daylight in pursuit of producing my dream sound. Have been fortunate in collaborating with various local artists, exposing me to a variety of styles which have shaped my sounds on my journey.

My music represents a powerful reminder for the mistakes of a past littered with dance music, DJing, parties - the love hate and relationships that go with it.....and screwing up along the way.....
But I've got a good feeling about this. NOTE: I love writing songs for other artists.


Float My Boat

Written By: Anton De Martino

Verse 1
So take a look at me, look me right in the eye, and tell me what you see
I'm breathing air in my, my lung capacity, not what it used to be
My days are numbered now, my life expectancy, I've got so much to do
I had a whiskey for, my own sobriety and but it could trick you too.

Verse 2
So let me set the scene, I'll spell it out for you, your figures don't add up
We sat and talked it through, you make me suffocate, because I've had enough
Whatcha lookin at, whoohoo, I'm electricty,
Whatcha lookin at, got a taste of the venom
Whatcha lookin at, whoohoo, am I not meant to be
Whatcha looking at, can ya feel what I'm saying

I feel choked, and I'm soaked, because you sank my boat
I'm a joke, coz I'm broke, just tryin to stay afloat
Don't ya know, not to go, to try and break my balls
Watch me go, I won't show, to you my face no more

When you breath down my neck
Don't feel good, my ships a wreck

Silver Spaceship

Written By: Anton De Martino

Verse 1
I could over analyse, find a way to jeopardise, everything' a compromise.
I'm the one who agonise, she's the one who demonise, what it matter if i survive
I saw a flash from up above, they could tell it's war not love, even if they didn't have eyes
I've done a lot of crazy things, my girl and I are paper thin, I wanna feel forever alive

Verse 2
Returning from my mesmorise, now she want's to penalise, break me into pieces or die
Everything is secretised, that's another word for lies, just a step a step a demise
Have you ever had enough, chucked the towel or given up, I highly recommend that you try
And if you feel the need to ring, watch the sky for silver things, it won't be long before they arrive

I climbed aboard a silver spaceship
My mind ignored the risks I'm taking
Where I go, I don't know, where I go, waaaaaaa
I climbed aboard a silver spaceship

Now I'm semi humanised, the other half can symbolise, imagination dramatised
Reality she specialise, can you stop her vocalise, looking for a little tranquillise
Never underestimate, if she can she'll decimate, take a breath but don't think it over
Never underestimate, if she can she'll decimate, take a breath but don't think it over

Be My Sting

Written By: Anton De Martino

Verse 1 (repeat x 2)
Butterfly, be my sting, be my sting,
kiss at the, candy club, start of things
you know I, got her phone, got a chance
She whispered, in my ear, do you like to dance

Verse 2 (repeat x 2)
Butterfly, where you at, where you at
On the floor, disco moves, kickin that
Tonight I, want a girl, want her love,
She pulled out, chuppa

He took a suck on my lollipop, my chuppa chuppaio
You wanna suck on my lollipop, my chuppa chuppaio


I have stuff spread all over the internet, itune releases, indie releases. Just google my name ANTON DE MARTINO.

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I'm here to entertain. I'm here to write songs for other artists. It's that simple.