One of the most Distinctive Strong Baritone in the world today.


Born in Saint Louis, Missouri, Antone began singing in school talent shows
at age nine. After winning the Chicago “Home Jam “Contest at
Chicago State University, he pursued his singing career while also
sponsoring many talent contests in the Chicago area, offering other artists
the opportunity to perform.

His interest in Barry White came at a very early age. He utilized the lyrics to Barry’s songs to talk to girls and the girls were unaware of from where those romantic lines came. Antone was very successful in overcoming his shyness.

Although he liked Barry’s songs, he could not sing them. At a young age, he was a tenor, sounding a lot like Michael Jackson. Throughout the years, his prayers were answered for a deeper, seductive voice, allowing him to sing the baritone songs that he has always wished to sing.

Antone is currently pursuing a career in becoming the next, great baritone.

Antone performs with tracks, or either a six-piece band, and he has recently written, arranged and produced a song entitled, “Love Slave”. Antone has also become one of Chi-Sound records’ newest recording artists; recently signing a recording contract with Chi-Sound’s owner, Mr. Carl Davis.

For Booking Contact: Remell Nichols at 773-994-7135/773-691-1178


The title of my cd is "LOVE SLAVE" My song off the cd that is getting air play is entitle 'ALL CAUGHT UP".

Set List

45 60 and 90 min set: Antone Tribute To Barry White includes: I've Got So Much to Give, Can't Get Enough of Your Love Baby, I am Gona Love You Baby, Patrice What You Peach, Playing Your Game Baby, Oh What a night for dancing, Ecstacy, You are the one, My First My Last My Everything.

Antone Tribute to Issac Hayes Includes: Walk Own By, Do Your Thing and Shaft.

Antone orginals songs off of his albun entitle "LOVE SLAVE" Love Slave, All Caught Up, Step to Ya, Paradise and Prove your Self