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"Tribute to Barry White By Antone"




Track Listing: 1. I’ve Got So Much To Give/ 2. Baby’s Home / Antone’s Home/ 3. Playing Your Way Baby / Stepping Your Way Baby/ 4. Prove Yourself / 5. Step To Ya / 6. Love Slave / 7. I Guess You Didn’t Know / 8. All Caught Up / 9. Paradise / 10. Closer / 11. Love Slave (Stepping Version) / 12 Love Slave (Instrumental).
As the Editor of There’s That Beat! Both my electronic inbox and snail mail letter boxes are constantly delighted to receive CDs, PR packages and other music related material. All these items are reviewed with fervour by us at TTB! But when a disc arrives with the name of Mr Carl Davis in the liner notes then the whole office embarks on a dog fight to be the one to hear it first! As the Editor, sometimes it’s good to pull rank, so the pleasure of reviewing Mr Davis’ latest offering was secured by your author, much to the displeasure of the remainder of the office!

Antone has that deep, rich, resonance to his baritone voice that was so loved by a legion of Barry White fans in the mid 70s and this CD is a fitting tribute to the late ‘Walrus Of Love’ from one gravel voiced artist to another. From the opening refrains of Track One: ‘I’ve Got So Much To Give’, the listener is in no doubt of the respect and love felt by Antone for the great man. Penned by Mr White himself, it sets the tone for the whole CD which is a fitting tribute to the body of work left he left behind as a remarkable legacy. Although the disc opens with a Barry White composition, the other 11 tracks are not composed by him and Antone is involved in both a writing capacity and a production role in many of them. There is no denying the similarity to Mr White’s work, in both song construction and final performance and, as Antone clearly states that he feels a strong connection with the late baritone maestro that should come as no surprise.

Each track is a showcase for Antone’s obvious affinity with the slick, seductive delivery that was Mr White’s unique musical signature and fans of the 70s iconic West Coast soulster will be more than happy with Antone’s respectful tribute to someone he regards as something as a mentor.

Dave Moore
Editor: There’s That Beat!



The title of my cd is "LOVE SLAVE" My song off the cd that is getting air play is entitle 'ALL CAUGHT UP".



Born in Saint Louis, Missouri, Antone began singing in school talent shows
at age nine. After winning the Chicago “Home Jam “Contest at
Chicago State University, he pursued his singing career while also
sponsoring many talent contests in the Chicago area, offering other artists
the opportunity to perform.

His interest in Barry White came at a very early age. He utilized the lyrics to Barry’s songs to talk to girls and the girls were unaware of from where those romantic lines came. Antone was very successful in overcoming his shyness.

Although he liked Barry’s songs, he could not sing them. At a young age, he was a tenor, sounding a lot like Michael Jackson. Throughout the years, his prayers were answered for a deeper, seductive voice, allowing him to sing the baritone songs that he has always wished to sing.

Antone is currently pursuing a career in becoming the next, great baritone.

Antone performs with tracks, or either a six-piece band, and he has recently written, arranged and produced a song entitled, “Love Slave”. Antone has also become one of Chi-Sound records’ newest recording artists; recently signing a recording contract with Chi-Sound’s owner, Mr. Carl Davis.

For Booking Contact: Remell Nichols at 773-994-7135/773-691-1178