Anton Glamb

Anton Glamb

 New York City, New York, USA

Anton Glamb was voted the #2 College Performer in NYC for 2004 at the Rock the Vote Battle of the Bands. He flips underground dance music to an in your face rock-star sound that substitutes drum machines and bouncing vocoded synths for electric guitars and big hair. Check out the video!!!


“[Anton Glamb is]...a star and I can’t wait to see the red-carpet situation at the Grammy’s because it’s gonna be crazy."
–Emil Wilbeken, owner of Ecko Unlimited and former Editor-in-Chief of Vibe

In the fall of 2003, Anton Glamb left the balmy shores of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands to pursue a music career in New York City while attending Columbia University. After headlining shows at such New York hotspots as CBGB’s and The Knitting Factory, Anton was voted New York City’s #2 College Performer of 2004 at Rock the Vote's Battle of the Bands by a panel of industry professionals including Emil Wibekin, the former Editor in Chief of Vibe Magazine and current CEO of Ecko Unlimited, and Rockwilder, a producer whose credits include Busta Rhymes, Redman and Jay-Z. Despite being one-quarter-of a globe away from home, Anton has remained connected with his tropical island roots and has continued to build a strong following, performing at Wave Waikiki's Pussy Cat Lounge, the #1 rated weekly club event in his native Honolulu.

Blending 15 years of classical and jazz training with an unmatched futuristic pop-sensibility, Anton Glamb creates a lyrically driven electronic sound that synthesizes elements of electronica, breakbeat, rock, hip-hop, and funk that could be described as Beck meeting Prince to go see Jamiroquai share the stage with Outkast.

Whether performing with the Love Squad (his entourage of dancers), a full backing band, or solo backed by a 6-foot tower of electronic gear, Glamb's combination of frankness and unaffected celebrity leaves fans in eager anticipation of his every move. This past spring, his music inspired Columbia University’s Performing Arts League to create an original dance and theatre production based on his debut album, Do It!. The production, entitled Love Squad, was directed by Yuma Terada, son of the great Japanese multimedia artist Kenji Terada, and surrounded the audience with 4 stages around a dancefloor combining interactive dance and theater with live concert performance provided by Glamb and his band.

Continuing to expand his following through live performances in across the country, Glamb flips underground dance music into an in-your-face rock-star sound that substitutes drum machines and bouncing vocoded synths for electric guitars and big hair.

Look out for his new sound, it won't upset ya, Anton Glamb is comin' to get ya!



Written By: Anton Glamb

You don’t need to take a taxi cab
Or ride a fancy limosine.
It’s easy on the subway.
It’s cheap too, so I’ll even pay.
Just get down in there and
Check out the map.
It shows where to go
And how to come back.
It’s nice and infact since
You’ll ride for 2 round trips,
Spring for a day pass
And maybe we’ll kiss.

Take the 2 or 3 heading uptown
Switch at 96 street a 9 or 1 now
Get off at 116 and I will run down
We’re gonna have a time.

Don’t you worry about how to pay
Seven dollars, all day, cash or charge
You can take your things down with you
As long as your things aren’t too large
It will astound you
Because it’s so swell
It’s deep underground,
But not much like hell.
Infact, it’s somewhat protected
from weather,
But since it’s a cold day,
You’ll still need a sweater.

Take the 2 or 3 heading uptown
Switch at 96 street a 9 or 1 now
Get off at 116 and I will run down
We’re gonna have a time tonight, underground.

Wish I Was (Freaking You)

Written By: Anton Glamb

I see you there
Across the room.
Though I’m with someone else,
I wish I was freaking you.

Now I hate to say,
But I don’t mind it when you’re walking away.
Because, just like the foot that moves the toes,
You’ve got the tush that moves the clothes.
I’d like to grind. If you suppose that’s fine, then let me have it.

My you look fly,
Here’s what I’m’a do.
I’m’a meet you on the sly
Cuz I wish I was freaking you.

Baby let me give you call.
You can put the number of your telephone inside my phone right now.
Then maybe later on,
Could be thinking like I’d really like to get it on and give it a call well,
I put it in speed dial number two
Cuz I wish I was freaking you.

Now I’ve been thinking baby,
Since we’ve been drinking maybe
We could blame it on the booze.
Cuz when you want to slumber
Know that wood can turn to lumber
If you can’t let it loose.

I wish I was freaking you.

Whole Damn World

Written By: Anton Glamb

We look around, and what do we see?
We see that there's a whole damn world of assholes.
There's a whole damn world of assholes.


Do It!: The following tracks from the album have received college radio air-play: Subway, Take it Slow, Can I Get a Sip, Get Away, Heading Out, Did Not Know, Sexxee, Whole Damn World, Backing Down, Wish I Was (Freaking You)

LOVESQUAD (first incarnation): Tokyo's Yuma Terada (son of Kenji Terada, original creator of the Final Fantasy RPG) led CUPAL's (Columbia University Performing Arts League) Spring 2005 special project to assemble a team to create a live interactive fusion of dance, theater and a concert performance based around Anton Glamb. Featuring 9 songs from his album Do It! and a new single, Together to Go, the production is unlike any theater production ever done before.

Set List

Usually, I play for about 40 minutes to an hour (including set up) choosing from:

Take it Slow
Clearing Up,
Did Not Know,
Whole Damn World,
Life is Happening,
Get Away,
Backing Down,
Did Not Know,
Can I Get a Sip

This usually allows me to play between 6 and 10 songs.