Antonio Ramon

Antonio Ramon


Antonio Ramon was born in Las Vegas Nevada. He began singing professionally at age seventeen and performed all over the U.S.A. Ramon has played in Lounges, Night Clubs and Casinos and many Casinos’ and other Venues bring him back time after time. Ramon does songs from all genres.


Music is like family traditions and Antonio Ramon is an integral part of that heritage. Music has always had an important role in Ramon’s life and always will.
To Antonio Ramon, entertaining an audience is just as normal or easy as having a conversation or supper with a friend. Consequently, Ramon can change his planned song list, merely because he prefers to read the audience and give exactly what that particular audience wants. Whether it is songs from Artists such as: The Platters, George Strait, B.B King, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tom Jones, Barry White, Al Green, Hank William Jr, and many more, Ramon always continues to amaze the audience! If one were to ask who does Ramon sound like? That answer, would take awhile. Ramon can and does sound like Frank Sinatra, George Strait, Dean Martin, Lionel Ritchie, Englebert Humperdink, Tom Jones, Ray Charles and the list goes on and on, but my personal favorite he does, is Barry White. While at the same time, you also here and see and feel a part of Ramon himself that he puts into every song he does. When Ramon does a cover song, you witness a rarity, with this Artist. You will witness, Ramon takes on the traits, mannerisms, and vocal style of the original Artist. Hence, it is like, you are seeing the song being performed by the original Artist. I know logically this seems hard to believe, but seeing is believing!
Ramon truly possesses a rare ability to reach out and establish a very rare and special relationship with his fans. Whether it is a tender ballad, a love song, or the frenzied excitement of a rockin’, stompin dance tune, Ramon’s audiences live each song along with the entertainer. His infectious energy, tremendous vocal ability, and timely wit positively keep audiences on the edge of their seats for the entire performance and on their feet at the end of the show.
Ramon has played at many lounges, clubs and Casino’s and in many states some of which are; Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Florida, Iowa.If you are looking for a show that will leave your audience wanting more and pack your venue or Casino than book Antonio Ramon today!


1.All Of Me
2. Dock of The Bay
3. The Love We Share Tonight
4. I Miss You
5. U Know
6. R U Feeling Lonely
7. Hit Me Up
8. Don't Fake Love
9. Don't Let Me Down
10. Clickin
11. Bonus Track:
The Look in Your Eyes!!!

Set List

Typical set list is depends on what venue wants. Does a variety[: Frank Sinatra, The Platters, Dean Martin, Englebert, Nat King Cole, Lionel Richie, Barry White and many many more.

Sets vary as accommodates whatever Venue wants,