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"The king of the "paqueros""

He is, without any doubt, one of the most important guitarists of the new batch. His name is Antonio Rey. And his main virtue is that in addition to eating up the “bajañí” (guitar) with both hands, as much in the harmonics as in the right hand technique, he never loses the “aire” (tune) on the touches. They always sound the way they have to sound. And this is not something obvious. The flamenco guitar is currently suffering from an appalling disease: young ones playing very well while disfiguring the character of the styles, people of whom you can only distinguish the
“soleá” touch only by reading the playbill. And so we have to take hold of what Antonio Rey does if the essence of all this is to be safeguarded.
At the Central he gave a concert out and out, by his right, point-blank, in which he drew the paths to success. It started with an imposing tremolo, of the maximum technical and musical category, performed with colossal cleanness and volume. He can afford it, because he is holding in his hands all that sprouts from his head. Because he has everything. Rhythmically he is exceptionally gifted. He had a wonderful time himself in the “alegrías” with the games of the right hand, “rajeando” (strumming) permanently in a contratempo and linking “falsetas” (falsettos) of a
supreme value. Opening the left hand to extend the passing chords, but never betraying the truth of this touch. At this moment he is the King of the “paqueros”, but it looks like soon enough he will be just the King. - ABC


¡What strength! What a barrage of flamenco energy! Like water for a scorched land was the flamenco music with which this new king of the guitar delighted us with in the early hours from Friday to Saturday. A
perfect concert, without a single technical slip: Rey did not fail a single note. And although it is not the most important, it was what happened. A perfect pulsation, overwhelming, alive, eloquent, truthful, ”jonda”
(deep). A sheet music without great fanfare: neither on a harmonic level nor on a compositional level there is any desire to overwhelm the audience. Quite the contrary. Pure delivery. Pure heart. With solos, like the tremolo startup that triggered delirium in the audience, or the “taranta granaína” (“taranta” from Granada), as keen as intimate. Duets. Trios like the brilliant three guitars in “Amistad” (Friendship). And plenty of energy,
which the group unfolded in rhythmic themes: tangos, alegrías, bulerías, and rumbas. What hypnotic “soniquete”!
Rey rang flamenco through and through. This guitarist dominates every facet of his instrument, from a melodic trifle to the forcefulness rhythm that, on the other hand, never overflows the limits of the melody. That is to
say, we do not have the feeling of listening to a dance recital without a dancer, but that even when accompanying the dance, he does not forget the lyricism of his compositions.
Compositions and performances, which have the power to tweak us to seek us on our privacy, and to connect with our emotions. Sometimes with a brief harmonic detail, with a pittance in the musical phrase that refines, underlines or alters all the sense of the discourse. And that is a privilege available to few. - Diario de Sevilla


Year: 2011
Label: Blue Note Flamenco - EMI Music
‘Colores del fuego’ is an album where the guitarist from Jerez is surrounded by magnificent collaborators: Archangel and Estrella Morente as singers, and guitar player Vicente Amigo. “Bulerías”, “soleá bulerías”, “alegrías”, “rumbas”, “tangos” and a “lullaby” are part of this repertoire, with instrumental accompaniment by Bernardo Parrilla (violin), Juan Parrilla (flute), Alex Romero (piano), Alain Perez (bass), Piranha (percussion), Isidro Suárez (percussion) and Antonio Coronel (drums). Antonio combines tradition and references to Paco de Lucia and Vicente Amigo with his own personal impromptu of virtuosity and freshness.

Year: 2007
Label: Karonte
Produced by Gerardo Núñez, the album features nine original compositions, which defines and defends his vigorous style. The repertoire moves between rumba and bulería, and the intimate guitar solos with rondeña o soleá compass. The work is complemented by collaborations with other musicians and fellow guitarists like Diego del Morao and David Cerreduela. Guadiana, Farruquito, Ramón Porrina and Pablo Suárez are also involved in the recording of one of the strongest values of the existing guitar.
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Born in Madrid, when Antonio was nine years old, his father, the singer and guitarist Toni King, took him on tour to Mexico. Since then, the stages have become a second home for him, where he learned the basics of rhythm and technique before going on a tour to Japan with Yoko Komatsubara. He spent a year in Tokyo and when he was 17 years old he returned to Madrid to perform with his sister Mara at Casa Patas. Antonio then got into the company of Antonio Canales and started an experience as guitarist for singing and dancing next to Manuela Carrasco, Rafael Amargo and Farruquito, and with singers such as Rafael de Utrera and La Tana, among many others.
This experience helps Antonio Rey win six major awards in important guitar competitions: Giraldillo 2012 at Seville Flamenco Biennale, Guitar Prize National Contest of Flamenco Art in Córdoba in 2010, Guitar Prize Bordon Minero of the Festival of Las Minas de La Unión, International Competition Award Flamenco Guitar Niño Ricardo de Murcia, winner of the National Contest of Flamenco Guitar of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat and Prize International Competition of Flamenco Guitar Los Cernícalos in Jerez.
Facts that set Gerardo Núñez´s interests in the young guitar player, producing his first album “A través de Tí” (Through you). In 2011, Antonio recorded with BLUE NOTE Flamenco (EMI Music), his new album, Colores del Fuego, showing that not only is Antonio a virtuoso, but also an original, inspired and surprising guitarist.
In 2013, Antonio will record his third album, with the label EMI Music, and with renowed invited artists like Diego el Cigala and Miguel Poveda.

Antonio Rey has collaborated with many of the greatest of Flamenco, as Estrella Morente, Diego el Cigala, Miguel Poveda, Vicente Amigo, Manuela Carrasco, Farruquito or Rafael Amargo, appearing in festivals and venues such as the New York City Centre, International Jazz Festival of Montreal, Madrid Jazz Festival, Monterrey Flamenco Festival, Moscow Performing Arts Center, Nimes Flamenco Festival, Mont de Marsan Flamenco Festival, Sevilla Flamenco Biennal or Jerez Flamenco Festival.