Antonio taft

Antonio taft


Funky, Urban, Neo-Soul, Eccletic, Soul Stirring, Crooning calling souls and leading them to Jesus Christ.


Back in 2002, God had commissioned him to do an album with his best-friend and producer/engineer, Rico "Bigg Gipp" Gibson, but life problems and personal issues prohibited him from getting out sooner. He kept singing, opening up for various industry artists, but was unable to get a solid project ready to feed his hungry fan base. He kept singing live engagements and ministered within every opportunity that presented itself. It wasn't until May of 2008 that he and Bigg Gipp broke ground for a project with a focus for the lost no matter who that lost was. His heavily anticipated debut album, "Intonation" is slated to be a smooth, ecclectic, urban burner. Intonation is scheduled to be released August 30th. With production by some of music's heavyweight hitters including his close comrad, Bigg Gipp, the tide is definitely going to turn around and wash back to sea any unbelievers who even thought that God was finished. Get your ipods and Mp3's ready, because you are going on the "ride" of your life when you plug into ......."Intonation."



Set List

Running, Everythang, Limelight and Breathe. A Typical set lasts for 30 minutes but can run as long as 45 minutes.