Antonio Valdetaro

Antonio Valdetaro


Antonio Valdetaro has been developing songs in the romantic latin style such as Rick Martin, Jon Secada, Luis Miguel as a songwriter and also an authorial work with instrumental music Brazilian Jazz.


Antonio Valdetaro has been developing songs in the romantic latin style such as Rick Martin, Jon Secada, Luis Miguel as a songwriter and also an authorial work with instrumental music Brazilian Jazz. Formed by four musicians, the Antonio Valdetaro Group is constituted by great names of the current Brazilian Instrumental Music.

Guitar, Piano,Bass and Drums

Always playing his own music, Antonio Valdetaro has developed as an original work and with deep roots in the Brazilian culture, since all the songs have a very strong regional stamp, where we can see a bigger presence of the samba, due to the simplicity of Antonio Valdetaro, that was born and grown up in Niterói city, Rio de Janeiro.

Rescuing our culture, mainly of the beginning of the century, in the sense of playing and composing complex melodies as Choro was, Antonio Valdetaro valorizes well the improvisation, not only of his instrument but also of all the members of the group, that enriched and brightened the performances of Antonio Valdetaro Group.


ANTONIO ANTUNES CERQUEIRA, Rio de Janeiro, RJ – Classic Guitar and Musical Theory – 1982 / 83
LUIZ GONZAGA DA SILVA, Rio de Janeiro, RJ – Classic Guitar – 1983 / 85.
IAN GUEST, CIGAM – Ian Guest Course of Musical Improvement, Harmony and Perception – 1986 / 88
NELSON FARIA, CIGAM – Improvisation – 1987 / 88.

PROJAZZ (Lisboa/Portugal) 1992.
- BILL PEARCE – Saxophone.
- REGGIE WORKMAN – Bass and General Direction.

TALLER DE MUSICS (Barcelona/Spain) 1993
- KURT ROSENWINKEL – Guitar and Modern Jazz
- SEAN LEAVIT – Guitar and Bebop

Professional Experience
- In Brazil
- Rio de Janeiro – Guitar player with participation in festivals, accompaniment of singers and performance in clubs with orchestras. Guitar player of the Moscow Orchestra. Direction and guitar in Brazilian artists shows settled in France in Mistura Fina House. Recording of publicity jingles.
- Bahia – Performance with the Garagem Group, participation in the Jazzman project, performance with the musicians Rildo Hora, Arismar do Espírito Santo and Edgar Dudivier, integrates and directs his own group – Bwana Doc – that made a lot of performances in bars and TV. Recording of advertising jingles.

In other countries
- Portugal – Participation in the Maria Viana Jazz Band and in the Nana Souza Dias Group. Member of the Maria Vitória Theatre Orchestra, guitar player in the Maria Emauz Show at Figueira da Foz Casino. Recording in discs of popular Portuguese artists.
-Spain – Participation in Dancing Parties Orchestras (Bigband). He founded the group Bwana Doc and made many performances in the Barcelona night and Jazz Festivals.

- Movies Sound tracks
- Arranges to TV
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Belo Horizonte and other countries , Portugal, France and Spain .
Advertising jingles creation – Winning pieces: Sound track – Fraternity campaign, 97 – The Imprisoned. Jingle – Ortocrim mattress. Music compositions to Antonio Valdetaro Group.



Written By: Antonio Valdetaro


Antonio Valdetaro
music & lyrics

English version
Ana Rita Medina

And if you want to know
About my dreams
Sense the way I look at you
Then you’ll realize
How much the whole
Of my being shines
It’s impossible to hide
When I lay eyes on you

I wish I could have
A little, just a little
Of your love
Then I’d flood with passion
Hold the ocean
In the palm of my hands
Would look in your eyes just to tell
You’re too beautiful

I listen to your voice melody
My heart leaps, destiny
You get shy and I…
I just feel that being with you
Confirms my belief
Love has come to me
Finally, through a flower called Letítia


Written By: Antonio Valdetaro/english version Ana Rita Medina


lyrics & music Antonio Valdetaro
English version Ana Rita Medina

She’s dressed to kill, in red satin
Blue ocean eyes
Releasing her desires in a ballroom
The way she moves
Makes me dream of fantasies
Her wet body swinging for my eyes

And what about the two of us, tell me
The signs of love in the white sheets?
Tell something sweet to my heart
Cause I just need a word of love
To make this dream come true

Like in a beautiful and sexy dance
Where the steps are slow
I see your shining face between your breasts
In this adagio I found my self drowned in your love
And when I get to venus you lose your mind

The candlelight unveils the mysteries
I found the way to reach your heart , you see?
And once I’m in the sanctuary of your body, I just pray …
And try to hold the eternity

Samba Song

Written By: Antonio Valdetaro/english version Ana Rita Medina


lyrics & music Antonio Valdetaro
English version Ana Rita Medina

Maria, listen to this sweet song
Not even one million words
Can express how I fell
To go straight to the point
And show you all my love
I’ll sing this song
Just made for you

If one day, you find out
The passion I have inside
You’ll know it’s true
What I fell for you
Look into my eyes
See how much I want you
No one ever loved you
Like I do

You are the kind of woman
A man would turn upside down
I swear I ‘d give you my life
If I knew the way to your heart
So tell me how can I get in
Please give the key and I will

Only you, make me fell everything will be better
Please don’t go let me try to be forever
Give me a chance and you’ll see
What happens to me
Just for you, the lady of my soul
A knight I will be

Set List

Set List

1 – Bossa Louca - Crazy Bossa
2 - Tempo de Choro - Time to Cry
3 – Samba canção - Samba Song
4 – Try It
5 – Segura e Sai
6 – Canção das Geraes - Geraes Tune
7 – Próxima Ex - Next Ex
8 – Pra Ela - For Her
9 – Baião
10 – Tradição - Tradition
11 – Filha
12 – Moça Bonita - Beautiful Woman
13 – Urublues Malandro
14 - Leticia

Alls songs writted by Antonio Valdetaro, except Next Ex composed by Antonio Valdetaro and Ricardo Luedy