Anton Milton and Glorified

Anton Milton and Glorified

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Psalms 22:3 is the template for the ministry of Anton Milton & Glorified. Their ultimate goal is that you see Christ through them. In so doing, they strive to lead lives according to the saying, “Praise is a lifestyle and that is what we do….”


Anton Milton is changing the game. The New Jersey resident is causing a stir in gospel music, with an innovative sound that can only be described as versatile. The percussionist, singer and songwriter prides himself on being able to relate to the masses. With a sound and style that can easily crossover to any demographic, Anton Milton and Glorified has set the stage for what true worship should be.

Like many other artists before him, Anton got an early start singing in the church choir and serving as a musician. Growing up in New York can be difficult for some, but Anton surrounded himself with things and people that were positive. Naturally, the self-proclaimed hard worker submerged himself into his music. However, it was not until recent years that he decided to take his worship a step further. With the formation of Anton Milton & Glorified came opportunities to bless the Lord on a much larger scale. His group, Glorified, comprised of men and women of various backgrounds came together with the common goal of spreading God’s word through song. Performing in different cities and states has brought the Sumter, South Carolina native closer to God and closer to making a dream his reality.

With his debut album (August 2010) appropriately titled “Game Changer,” he encourages everyone to put it all on the line for God. With songs like 9ll, Without You and The Kingdom, the album has something for everyone. Inspired by veteran gospel artists such as John P. Kee and Kirk Franklin, Anton’s music not only sounds good, it is good for you. There is a message in his music that promotes kingdom building through true praise and worship.


LP Debut "The Game Changer" (August 2010)