Anttwon Lewis
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Anttwon Lewis

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Band Hip Hop House




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"New release by Anttwon Lewis"

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"PHENOMANAL HAS NO DEFFENITION BUT BEING YOUR OWN CHAMPION THAT'S WHAT I AM A YOUNG CHAMP" quote Young Champ. Being your self is what makes you, you, what ever life throws at you take it no matter what it is, cherish it even if life throws you something bad, cherish it, take care of it, don't abuse it and it will soon turn to something you want. Its always a beautiful day when a young mind of a child is inspired by what it see's. For Anttwon Lewis a mind like his is never noticed until a once in a life time opportunity happens on a normal day. They say inspiration comes from the people around you, but what about the things around you like art, music, sounds, radio, television, church, etc, and mostly life. Anttwon Lewis is a boy who thinks with his mind and not his penis. Inspired by what he see's he wanted a name for himself, following footsteps of his mother but in the same process leaving his own footsteps behind. When a child says they want to become famous when they grow up its usually a dream that people always try and crush indirectly. It also can be thought of as the child becoming mentally crazy, different, stupid, idiotic, ignorant, or they have nothing better to do in life but become poor or end up in jail. Which leads to most stereotypes like all rappers are gangsters and drug dealers, all they want is to do is have sex with girls, get money, do drugs, coming from the ghetto is involved with gangbanging and the list goes on.

Born in the horn of Africa, in a beautiful country called Kenya, in the city of Nairobi. Nairobi is the capital of Kenya where the young star was born in the slums of South B in Matter Hospital. Starting at his first boarding school at the age of nine Anttwon Lewis found entertainment night, which the school had every Saturday. Anttwon mostly memorized songs from the radio and would perform them in front of the school and would have fun while doing it.

Well it started when Anttwon was in 5th grade in the year 2003 mid November, and the school was having a talent show so Anttwon decided to rap a song in Swahili. I thought they were going to hate it before Anttwon performed but after the show the crowd loved it and stopped making fun of me cause of my accent.

At the age of ten Anttwon was on his way to the land where they say life is what you want to make it, a place known as the United States of America. Here Anttwon took part in his first talent show in elementary school. Performing what was not his own work made him feel like he needed to start making his own footsteps on his trail of success. Intelligence came from what was around him and so it built character.

Anttwon later then grew up and became more familiar with the American accent and my pronunciation improved. Anttwon was in the seventh grade when Anttwon met with his partner in rhyme: Wes Bangas. He used to make fun of Anttwon, and then when the talent show came they collaborated and took the whole show by surprise. It was just seventh and eighth grade and girls treated us like headliners at arena a concert.

At the start of seventh grade new opportunities opened for Anttwon Lewis he met fellow artist Yung Wess. The two artists made a team and were followed by a third member named Young C, they started a group called The Young Soldiers. The trio worked together but at times they had group arguments and disagreements. At the time Anttwon Lewis was not his name, he went by Cold Cappa. As the school’s first talent show was approaching the group decided to declare that as the artist outbreak it would be pivotal to be seen as rappers. Anttwon auditioned by him self because the group hadn’t been declared official yet. Yung Wess was set to audition with another group as dancers. However on the day of the show Yung Wess decided to perform with Anttwon and his dance group. Anttwon Lewis performed his first work ever with Yung Wess, which came to be known as Minnesota. When the show came to an end it was a successful outbreak for the two artists.

As time progressed the group broke up because too many problems came up and members could not committed, so they split up. At the start of eighth grade however, Anttwon and Yung Wess had a plan to perform as a duo. The plan was going successful and both artists were committed to what they has agreed was the re-birth of the Young Soldiers. Anttwon started working on their first song of the New Year that was called “I'm So Fresh”. The song was inspired by Anttwon listening to underground Texas music with allot of sampling and what they call "Screwed and Chopped". The inspiration for the song came from fellow artist Spark A.K.A. Spark Dawg. As the second talent show came up the Group declared themselves as what they called "Hustle". After the talent show Anttwon wanted one of his inspirations to be on one of his songs but no matter the song something came up and the song wasn’t good enough.