Anu Beginning

Anu Beginning


Anu Beginning is beauty and chaos. Soaring vocal melodies and intricate guitars, like smooth sailing on a calm ocean are met with aggressive vocals, furious drums and heavy guitars, like a tsunami crashing against the rocks. Pair that with an energetic live show, making Anu Beginning a must see.


Anu Beginning is a progressive pop rock band hailing from London, Ontario, Canada. Formed in the winter of 2008 they quickly began covering ground by beginning to form a rapidly growing fan base around southern Ontario. After releasing a self titled 4 song E.P. in 2009, followed by a second 4 song E.P. entitled 'Quiet Your Voice' in 2010 the quintet released 'We Move Mountains', their first full length in February 2011. Most recently they released the 'These Colours Won't Fade' e.p. in May 2012.

Often compared to the likes of Alexisonfire, Sleeper Set Sail and A Day To Remember, Anu focuses on bringing in elements of pop-punk, post hardcore and progressive melodic to produce a sound that appeals to many. This, paired with a live show that has been described as 'beautifully chaotic' and 'full of energy' has been the drive behind the band since it's inception.

Drawing on lyrical inspiration from everything from failed youthful romances, political scheming, regret and religion, they strive to connect with the listener on a philosophical level. Add to that often furious guitars, demolishing drums, or, on the other hand, melodic chord patterns and delicate percussion, the quintet tries to capture their feelings in notes an melodies.


Self Titled (EP) 2009
Quiet Your Voice (EP) 2010
We Move Mountains (Full Length) (2011)
These Colours Won't Fade (EP) 2012