Anubis Field

Anubis Field


If you took Nirvana in their last days and mixed it with the feel of Foo Fighters and the edginess of Queens of the Stone Age and lyrics inspired by space-love- the esoteric-ufo's-conspiracies-truth, you have the Anubis Field.


Anubis Field formed in December of 1999, on the verge of the millenium in Sioux Falls, SD. We reocorded our first disc at Smart Studios in Madison, WI. in 2002 entitled Set the Tone.
When trying to understand what the Anubis Field is one has to only be interested in the movements of cells all the way up to the movements of humans. How strange coincidences may not be so coincidental. Emotions controlled by electromagnetic forces and the possibility of life in the universe. If all this sounds intriguing to you, you may like the Anubis Field. With lyrics inspired by; the etheric and the esoteric, the occult and everyday life, the mundane and the not so mundane, girls and women, drugs and decay, space travel and driving in sioux falls, it's all here. Anubis Field ver 2.0 ......HEY ALL!!!! We are recording a bunch of new songs at th2ndmoon Studios in Sioux Falls SD.....shoud be done by March '08.


Purple is the Color of the Soul

Written By: Steve Johnson

Pure balance, at the Event Horizon
Super Existance in the suns rising.
We are improvements
from a lost generation
we've moved up a whole vibration.

Arc lifting, to the distance.
the signal was severed
was our last defenses
We are improvements
for a lost generation
we've moved up a whole vibration

you said your color was purple
i'm surrounded by ex's.


Written By: Steve Johnson

Yeah I'd say your karma's gone
Used up quickly.
She was right all along.
Can't come to accept it.

Lost in the arms of fun.
Not coming down now.......
Opposites all along.
We found common ground.

Want you to know that
it's just not right
the way you........

You don't know what's going on
just come to accept it
you're bad moves hurt everyone
and your rugburns prove that.

Audio Desperation

Written By: Steve Johnson

I'm holding back tears.
I'm holding back everything, everywhere.

Let me buy you a beer.
Can we talk some truth?
Can you lend an ear?

I'm not as young as I used to be.
I have to actually sleep.
I'm not as wrong as it would seem.
You always said I was mean.
I'm not as wrong as it would be.
Conspiracy is reality.........
No theories.......
NO THEORIES!!!!!!!!!!

Audio Desperation lasted a year.
Tube driven manifestaion in your ear.

Calm Before the Storm

Written By: Steve Johnson

Now that you've thrown your life aside
and that the world's all uptight.
Wish I had nine lives like you.
It's the Calm Before the Storm.

You can run and hide
on the West Coast.

Give back and touch up your soul.
Weigh it with a feather and feel the....
feel the pull.
It's only ascension i might mention
read my palm.............

you can run and hide
on the west coast they have
they have eight more lives.


Anubis Field - Set the Tone (2002)

We have received much radio play on local college radio KCFS and KAUR in Sioux Falls and also Fargo-Moorehead, Omaha, Rapid City, St. Cloud, and Mankato. We are played on FM radio stations in Sioux Falls and Sioux City and sometimes Fargo-Moorehead.

Set List

Abort Mission
Hyperdrive Lag
Set the Tone
Calm Before the Storm
From 1 to 8
Audio Desperation
Purple is the Color of the Soul
Eyes in the Universe
Bi-Polar Paradox
No Six Ton Engines!
A Day Later
Splash Down
Iron Clad Lou - Hum
We play one set for an hour or more. NO Holds barred! straight up loud but tight and clean with some feedback and messyness.