Our music is an alternative to alternative. We could be described as rock, punk, grunge, metal, folk, country etc. We believe there should be no limits, no labels and no rules. Music is freedom.


Currently recording with acclaimed Producer Mike Hoffmann, who produced the platinum single "villains" from the Verve Pipe, Anura and fans alike anticipate this album. it's melodic but does not lack intensity and substance. The songs get stuck in your head and are extremely relatable with the contradictory struggle yet amazing clarity of Joe's blunt and metaphorical lyrics.
"Its that time again" appealed to industry reps and fans as an energetic relateable song and helped earn Anura an enthusiastic first place title in Emergenzia, an international music showcase, which gave them the opportunity to advance to play for a more vast audience in the continuing rounds.
Dawn's infalluable tempo and hard hitting drum beats are the driving force behind Anura. Joe's Lyrics and voice are captivatingly intense, yet have a fun party vibe. Bill's innovative bass lines dance with the drums behind an assault of heavy thrashing guitar riffs.
Lady Fest, Lionsfest, Sports music fest, the Klinic (Madison) Vunik's Lounge, the Rave as well as many Milwaukee area venues, including cancer and diabetes benefit shows are where you might have experienced Anura for yourself.


ANURA : Tales of a teenage nothing (full length)
ANURA : Positively Negative (full length)

Set List

ANURA'S set list is primarily original music, but have been known to sprinkle a cover song with an ANURA twist to the set(s) by artisits such as The Beatles, Nirvana, and CCR among others.
ANURA'S set list is typically 45 minutes long, but have enough material to cover 3 + hours.

Some of the venues anura has played in the area
Vnuk's lounge, The Klinic, Mainstage(waukesha),
Club Anything, The Rave, The BBC, Corner pocket,The Mainstage (GreenBay), Oak Creek Lions fest, Ladyfest Lansing(MI) , among others.