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Mumbai, Mahārāshtra, India | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Mumbai, Mahārāshtra, India
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Blues Rock




"Never too late to turn a hobby into a passion"

QUEEN'S ROAD: The voice on the other end has a measured sweetness and a little sea salt. But then most of musician Anushka Jagtiani’s young life has been about reconciling contrasts. Her father had a rock band and then went on to become a lawyer. Like most Indian kids, Anushka too grew up with the awareness that arts are where you go to nourish your soul after you have secured a livelihood.

She says, “One worked towards a steady job. I went to London to study economics, politics and sociology and then came back to work with some leading TV channels.”

But the love for music never faded and she says, “I was never a trained singer but I have grown up around blues, rock, jazz because of my father. I enjoyed jamming and singing and people would tell me that they liked my music and I should take it more seriously.”

The itch became a compulsion and in 2007, Anushka quit a seemingly perfect job to focus on music.

But the Master’s Graduate from The London School of Economics wasn’t going to take a leap without a backup plan.

She says, “I knew it is hard in India to make a career out of western music so I along with a partner opened Besos, a designer store in Mumbai which has affordable, cutting edge fashion. I covered retail as a business journalist and today as an entrepreneur, I know it is hard to crack so we are going to scale it up, go online.”

The business of music on the other hand is growing and Anushka has recorded a lot of music in LA and London. She is writing a lot more and is focussed on growing as a serious musician.

She says, “Singing duets with Gary Lawyer in the early years of my career was such a high and I recently recorded with the Shillong Chamber Choir and they are according to me the best musicians in the country. I pushed myself to go to Shillong especially to train with them. When you don’t have a structured job, you have to give meaning and purpose to your day, never get discouraged, learn from the best, chase opportunities, discipline yourself, experiment with new types of music and keep pushing forward. Work on your voice, your instrument, keep yourself motivated and persist.”

Not all days are however easy and says Anushka, “There are times when gigs are promised and cancelled but you cannot let that get in the way of your growth.”

Anushka will be performing at the Indigo Live Music Bar alongside Swarathma on February 13 and has fond memories of singing in Bengaluru.

“There is a big North-Eastern population here that listens to a lot of rock. Bangaloreans know their music. Bombay is the heart of Bollywood and though there are talented musicians making good music in cinema, I don’t identify with it. You hear a lot of Bollywood music at parties and weddings but for inspiration, I still hear Queen, The Who, Jack White and The Beatles. A cross-over project may be very interesting to do though,” she says.

The one thing she has gleaned from her interesting life is, “It is never too late to turn your hobby into a passion. It is never too late to do anything you want.” - New Indian Express

"Anushka Jagtiani Releases New Song"

The celebrations for Christmas started early for Anushka Jagtiani this year as the Mumbai-based singer/songwriter released a music video for her single, “Angel Of Music”, recently on Pepsi MTV Indies. For this song, Jagtiani collaborated with renowned blues musician, Doyle Bramhall II, who is known for his collaborations with Eric Clapton and Roger Waters and also for his own band, Arc Angels.

“I had written and recorded the song quite some time back in Mumbai. This year I collaborated with Doyle who re-recorded the track with me. He gave it a sound which you can call a modern day Pink Floyd sound. I would say that it is essentially a country/folk rock ballad with a modern day Pink Floyd sound that Doyle has brought in with his guitar playing,” says Jagtiani.
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Lyrically, the song is like Jagtiani’s tribute to renowned singer/songwriter, Janis Joplin. She says that, although the song is written specifically as a tribute to Janis Joplin, it can be interpreted as her tribute to many artists, such as Jimmy Hendrix and Jim Morrison, who died before their time. “The thing that I like the most about Janis Joplin is that she gave her everything to her music. She had a very powerful voice and gave her heart and soul to her music. I have read her biography and that touched me a lot. So I thought it would make a good theme for a song,” she adds.

“Angel Of Music” is not the first song that Jagtiani has written as a tribute to a renowned musician. Her single “Twenty Years Too Late”, which she released in November this year, was her tribute to Queen frontman, Freddy Mercury. “It’s not that I only write songs which are tributes to musicians,” she laughs. “I have written down quite a few songs that are based on different topics but I would say that a lot of my lyrics revolve around themes that are based on music itself. It is just that I have not released those songs yet. I wrote ‘Angel Of Music’ and ‘Twenty Years Too Late’ as tributes to great musicians because I was inspired by their lives and their dedication towards music,” she adds.

Jagtiani wants to stick to a sound that is country/folk rock in the future as she loves everything about that genre of music and relates to it the most. She is heavily influenced from artists such as Rolling Stones, Queen, The Who, Johnny Cash and modern day artists such as Jack White. “I am in love with the music of the 60s and 70s. I can relate to that era of music more than anything else,” says Jagtiani.

The year 2015 will see Jagtiani release music videos for her songs, “Twenty Years Too Late” and “Digging Deep”. “I also plan to work on an album and release it for sure next year. Till the album is released I plan to work on new singles and release them as and when they are done,” says Jagtiani.
- See more at: - Pepsi MTV Indies

"STUFF WE LOVE ‘Angel of Music’ By Toki | March 13, 2014"

commended by one of our followers: Anushka Jagtiani

She is a former scribe who has been singing blues and rock at various venues across Indian cities for about 10 years. She is one of the few female rock vocalists in the Mumbai circuit and is now busy with composing her own songs. Her first original is a tribute to Janis Joplin called ‘Angel of Music’. Anushka recently recorded 5 songs in Los Angeles, at the Jim Henson Studio with renowned guitarist Doyle Bramhall 2, who tours with Eric Clapton as the second guitarist in the band.

In June 2012, Anushka along with Ishaan on guitar and Luis on keys, performed at a reputed live venue in London called the Troubadour and her popularity keeps on growing…

We look forward to her debut album! - Circlescercles

"A Nuska for melody"

The pretty singer will enthrall the city's music lovers with her favourite tunes...

She has been featured at
festivals like Cry
Freedom and the Jazz
Utsav and has crooned on stages
from Soho to Brixton in
London. And now, Anushka
Jagtiani is all set to fire up her
numbers on the city stage. "1
remember Bengaluru from the
time I've played private gigs -
including for a friend's wed-
ding. The crowd here is great!
Bengalureans know their music
and appreciate original songs,"
she says as she sets to trip the
light with her music at the
Indigo Live Music Bar, today;
A little bit of rock and folk,
coupled with some country and
funk, topped with a generous
dash of tributes for the classics
- that's what music is for this
70's kid who recently wrapped
up her mini London tour. "Last
year 1 decided I wanted a
change of scene, so a few of my
musician friends in London and
I approached some very reputed
live venues for gigs," she says
about her shows at classic
clubs like The Troubadour
where Bob Dylan and The
Rolling Stones started off
their journey, a place
where she played with
popular underground
band called the
Cesarians and bass gui-
tarist, Budge Magraw.
Since then, she has
also recorded her
album, Digging Deep,
"her extended
playlist" with
Doyle Bramhall 2,
a renowned gui-
tarist who tours
with Eric Clapton
and Roger Waters of
Pink Floyd. "But a
moment of great
pride for me was
when I performed
one of my original
songs and Queen's,
Love of my Life, with
the Shillong Chamber
Choir backing me this
week," she says, looking
forward to introducing her
band consisting of Luis
Chico, Ruell Baretto,
Apurva Isaacs, Ishaan
Pasricha and Kristofer

As a former reporter and
a politics major from the
London School of
Economics, music was always
a passionate hobby, not a profes-
sion for Anushka.
"I discovered I could sing
when I was about 13 years old
but never took it on seriously,"
says the Mumbaiker, who
counts her influences as every-
one from The Rolling Stones
and The Who to younger artists
like Bruno Mars. And of course,
her father tops that list. "He had
:::t rock band called Unit Four
Plus One when he was all of 18!
He's now a lawyer but he was
one of Mumbai's original rock-
ers," she says, grinning. Like
her dad, she too has another
business on the side but at 38,
"And at this slightly late stage of
my life, I still believe you're
never too old to rock n' roll,"
she smiles, unwinding to the
tunes of her classical piano,
something that she's now chivy-
ing after. - Deccan Herald Feb 2015

"Anushka J Band on Vh1 Music Diaries - Fresh on the Block Segment, Mar 2015 (17:20)"

Anushka J Featured on Vh1 Music Diaries in the Fresh on the Block segment (anushka's section starts from 17:20) - Vh1


Still working on that hot first release.



A businesswoman, former TV journalist with and a Master's Graduate from The London School of Economics, Anushka Jagtiani, has been singing blues and rock at various venues in Mumbai, other Indian cities, such as Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Manipal for the last 12 years. She also performs outside India. Currently she plays with two key band members. Ishaan Pasricha on Guitar and Luis Chico on Keyboard. 
Anushka has sung at festivals such as Cry Freedom at the Hard Rock Cafe Mumbai in Sept 2011, and Jazz Utsav 2006. In MArch 2014, anushka did a mini London tour with 6 shows at some of the best live music venues in the city. She has released her debut EP titled Digging Deep which she recorded in Los Angeles, at the Jim Henson Studio with renowned guitarist Doyle Bramhall II, who tours with Eric Clapton as the second guitarist in his band. Some of Anushka's songs are played regularly on Indian Radio Stations like Radio 1, 94.3 and Radio Indigo.The music video for Anushka's first single, "angel of Music", a tribute to janis joplin, plays on Vh1 India and MTV Indies 
She continues to write and record her own music, and recently recorded 3 more songs in the UK with some top rocking session pros from London. In addition to Ishaan and Luis, she currently performs with a variety of talented professional musicians on the Indian rock scene, and has a powerful live band called the Anushka J Band which plays a mix of covers and originals, retro rock and blues. They recently performed in Singapore and were featured on the popular show Vh1 Muswic Diaries on the Fresh on the Block segment this March 

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