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Anushka Pop @ Bill's Bar

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Anushka Pop @ O'Brien's

Allston, Massachusetts, USA

Allston, Massachusetts, USA

Anushka Pop @ Abbey Lounge

Somerville, Massachusetts, USA

Somerville, Massachusetts, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


At its best, dynamic pop music is a force of nature; an unstoppable natural phenomenon: one should no more pass judgment on it than one should criticize a cat for killing a bird or a thundershower for flooding a reservoir. It’s much safer and ultimately more profitable to talk about how the music makes you feel. If it sounds like empty kitsch for golems, then to hell with it. But if it quickens your step, brightens your eyes, and lightens your outlook, then more power to it. And make no mistake, Akathena is of the latter sort. Highlights abound: the ingratiatingly lively “Girlfriend” is a readymade theme song for an otherwise dreadful sitcom; “Carry On” has a truncated, endearingly gnarly guitar break; “Akathena” is an upbeat Ramones-like anthemic roar as transmitted through Pollyanna’s dental fillings; “Autumn 1993” has a guitar solo that sounds like Brian Wilson conducting the Velvet Underground; “Natural Selection” has an irresistibly hooky chorus; “First Step,” the inevitable rootsy number, features a soaring melody; “Why I’m Here!” is heartening cheer-inducing clamor. This is original, well-crafted power-pop ala classic Boston bands like The Outlets, The Oysters, and Scruffy the Cat; if you liked them, you’ll certainly enjoy these guys. - Francis Dimenno - The Noise

The dudes in ANUSHKA POP got the former part of their name from a tennis player, but as soon as the vocals ooh-ooh in unison with the guitar about 20 seconds into their new EP Akathena, it's obvious where they got the latter. The Cambridge trio play pure power pop in the vein of early Elvis Costello and the Jam - melodic, fast, and fun as hell. - Will Spitz and Regis Ahern - Boston Phoenix

The Akathena EP is 19:48 minutes of non-stop hooks, harmonies and beats. - Lora Valante - Bostonist

…this Cambridge-based trio makes infectious pop songs whose hooks grab tight and don’t let go. Along with drummer Chris Welch and bassist Johnny Arguedas, Soares reveals a deep understanding of the music that they make. - Bethany Williams - Northeast Performer

So I asked them, “what the heck does ‘Anushka’ mean?” And they told me it’s the name of a girl one of them used to know. Then I asked them, “what does Akathena mean?” (in the song it’s the name of a girl), and they told me “we just made it up”. I love that. I also love this cd. It’s pop, but it's pop with grit. The melodies are inventive, but still catchy as hell. The songs are all full of layered harmonies and counter-melodies, but still as accessible as the simplest folk tune - just exactly what pop music ought to sound like, like Crowded House and XTC used to do it - but with those crunchy, distorted guitars that I love so much. All in all, a dynamite debut from an exciting new band. - Brian Mosher - bmo's world

It still surprises me how close to power pop Weezer truly is. Anushka Pop reminds me of Weezer as well as other power pop outfits like The Cars and The Jam both of which they cite in their bio sheet. Entertaining and catchy with vocally-driven guitar jams that are percolating with sweet harmonies, “Akathena” is one damn fine pop album. Based out of Boston, you’ll be surprised a band this tight has only been together since 2000. - J-Sin - Smother (Editor's Pick)

This up-and-coming pop outfit knows how to write songs. Performed by John Soares, Johnny Arguedas, and Chris Welch (former drummer of the well-known hard core band Cops on Crutches), they go three for three with sing-along, foot-tapping, head-bouncing power pop tunes. Reminiscent of the Ritalin Kids, Sugar Cult, and All American Rejects, there is no shortage of energy or melody. Comparisons to Weezer could also be made, but there’s a subtle difference between them: Anushka Pop, though equally geeky, aren’t famous yet. Best check out this band before they are! - Kier Byrnes - What's Up

Weezer, though a notch heavier (Hey don't laugh! Okay fine, laugh), is
the first band that comes to mind while listening to these three catchy pop
tunes. These songs are punchy, well-produced, well-written, and sure to
make the young ladies melt. Although I'm not generally a fan of generic
lovey-dovey pop songs, these guys do it much better than the rest. A fine
performance worthy of attention. - Z - The Noise


Single: "The Judy Song" 2003
EP: "Anushka Pop" 2004
EP: "Akathena" 2005

Both EP's have tracks that have received radio airplay and can be streamed from the web.


Feeling a bit camera shy


A Boston-based 3-piece band, Anushka Pop was formed in one of the area's least auspicious rehearsal spaces. The colder days of 2000 saw John Soares laboring in Boston's open mic circuit, while Chris Welch played drums for the hardcore act Cops on Crutches. The group soon added bass player Johnny Arguedas, who brought harmony vocals and his own prodigious cache of original songs.

The band came together out of a mutual admiration for the power pop acts of the 70's, bands like the Raspberries, the Jam and the Paul Collins Beat. Since their first club date, Anushka Pop has continued to take to the stage with pop melodicism, sharp hooks and the pursuit of the perfect 3-minute single.

That pursuit led them to record more than once at Allston's Galaxy Park. Their first effort produced "The Judy Song", featured on Your New Favorite CD (Primary Voltage, 2003). The second sessions resulted in I Wanna Tell You Something, a 3-song EP released on Sassy Boy Records. In October of 2005 Anushka Pop released their latest EP, Akathena, recorded at the Moontower by Mike Quinn. Receiving critical praise from the local press, this EP continues in the vein of Anushka Pop's 2003 eponymous debut e.p. The band's tightly-crafted arrangements and rapturous performances are well represented here, this time in a suite of seven songs about love, war, remembrance, rebirth, and self-consciousness... and girls.

Anushka Pop has shared the stage not only with notable local bands, but also touring acts including Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Radio 4, Dressy Bessy, Washington Social Club and the Deathray Davies.