Anwar Sadat

Anwar Sadat


Anwar Sadat is a post-punk three piece from Louisville, Ky. Similar artists include Mission Of Burma, Fugazi, Wire, and Young Widows. Dynamic, heavy, and melodic.


Anwar Sadat is a Louisville post-punk band that, while taking influence from classic Louisville bands like Young Widows, Breather Resist, and Coliseum, have their own unique, heavy, melodic, technical sound. Crunchy bass riffs, soaring guitar parts, and powerful drums all put together in a post-punk package make every set one to remember. Anwar Started writing and recording in late 2010 and has been touring since mid 2011.



Written By: Shane Wesley

Don't wanna talk
Don't wanna fuck
Don't wanna listen
Don't wanna wake up
Cause every day is repetition

I get so sick
Pushing the same rock
up the same hill
It's all the same shit
Something's gotta give
But it never will



Written By: Shane Wesley

Lines divide the expanse
Over flat continents
Territories defined
By their histories of war
Empired built on bloodshed
Their monuments stand erect
Touting the honor of death
Like there's dignity in war

Dignity of war


Mutilation EP - Casette Tape 2012

Gold - Digital Single 2012

No Vacation EP - 7" 2011