ANWR is an Alaskan band with seasoned veterans who know how to rock!


ANWR is an Alaskan band that was formed during the late summer of 2002. The band consists of members Don and Gary Webster formerly of THE JAILBYRDS, drummer Bruce Finlay from THE SORROWS, keyboard and vocalist Joan Massart-Paden, vocalist Connie Wilhelm, with lead guitarist Gene Hall and saxophonist Phil Herndon from the United States Air Force Band.


DRILLING - YES or NO (single)
We are currently recording a full CD.

Set List

Originals and covers
Covers include Pat Benatar, Fleetwood Mack, Neil Young, Metallica, 3 Doors Down, rock and roll hits from the past 40 years. We can play up to 4 hours of a wide variety of music.