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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Anxiety Switch 5 Demos- Review"

December 2009

To be fair, Anxiety Switch's five-song demo CD appears to be just that-demos. That said, this disc gets the job done, gets the point across, and is enough to put the band in the game.
Their sound is basically harder rock, maybe a little on the prog side. Honestly, we've heard better sonic quality from local bands, and we think Anxiety Switch sounds much better live. But then again we've also heard much worse from locals. So this is at least a reasonably good entry-level effort, and we could see good stuff coming from these guys down the road. At any rate, this record is worth checking out. - By Connections Magazine

"Anxiety Switch Live at the Haven"

November 2009

Fresh, New…a little more alternative and a lot of soul!! That’s probably how I would describe Anxiety Switch if I was asked. The new three-some from Clermont, Florida invited 28th Parallel Magazine to one of their shows not too long ago. If first impressions are everything, then these guys just might have something. First off, the guys were a blast to speak to and their lively and spirited personalities made for what perhaps were one of the most enjoyable interviews I have done, and that same energy also translated into this up and coming rock bands music.

Now to the really important part, the music! First off I want to say that these guys have definitely found at least one new fan in this writer. The music itself is an eclectic mix of modern alternative and Indi rock over-tones with a deep root in the more metal-oriented hard and classic rocks of yesteryear. With well timed and rhythmic percussions, and bass, semi complex guitar riffs that can go from slow and easy to hard and fast in seconds flat, and equally multifaceted vocals that run the gamut from low and melodic to almost fever pitch. The performance itself was well executed and while they still displayed some of the stage presence short falls that many new and relatively inexperienced bands show, they held their own and made sure that all in attendance knew they were there to rock out.

Ultimately Anxiety Switch is a new and rare breed in the Orlando rock scene. Their excellent musical talent coupled with catchy lyrics that draw you in makes for a powerful mix for this new three-some. And, with at the least a “battle of the band” final place and several shows under their belt, this is definitely one band making their mark and coming into their own. And this writer at least hopes to see and hear much more from them in the future.

By; Daniel Lengert
28th Parallel Online Magazine - 28th Parallel Online Magazine

"Orlando Bands Interview"

OB: Anxiety Switch has some great foundations of music for inspiration (Led Zeppelin, Smashing Pumpkins, Iron Maiden, Hum and of course the Beatles). How would you best describe your sound to those who have not yet heard you?


Artavius: The sound consists of powerful in-your-face melodies and solid musicianship coming together for a totally original sound.

Christian: We have a really wide range of influences, from Queen to Iron Maiden to Silversun Pickups, and our music shows that. We mix modern rock with metal, shoegaze, art rock and indie. We're not afraid to put bits and pieces of different genres in our music and we're not afraid to experiment. Our sound is easily accessible to the mainstream while maintaining our originality - everyone can find something familiar and something fresh at the same time in our music.

OB: Artavius (bass player) is the newest member of the band. How did you guys come together?

Artavius: It's actually pretty funny how it all started. When I first met Christian, I thought he was the biggest jerk I'd ever met and never thought we'd be in a band together. But his girlfriend said she'd make out with me if I did so I joined. And the rest is just history.

Christian: Actually, he just kinda showed up. He was actually our original rhythm guitarist, but after our bassist left he picked up the bass for a show and found he liked it more than he liked playing guitar, so he stuck with it.

OB: You guys recently participated in the Orlando's Next Big Thing battle of the bands showcase. How was the experience?

Christian: It was a lot of fun - it was our first real show in 2 years with this line-up, and to play our first show at such an amazing venue like the Haven was definitely an honor. We got beat out by one point, but, hey, it was a great learning experience. And it definitely opened up quite a few doors for us.

OB: Are there any particular Orlando artists you enjoy playing with on stage? Or, would like to play with?

Alberto: We're really into what SoulSwitch is doing at the moment. We're also pretty good friends with Anyone's Guess and would love to share the stage with them sometime soon.

Artavius: I really enjoyed playing with Big Bang Radio - they might not be FROM Orlando, but they play here from time to time and it's always an awesome show.

Christian: Oh man, there's a ton. Anyone's Guess, Forever From Now, SMB Project, Last Human Alive, The Dropa Stone - the local scene is full of great bands we'd love to share the stage with. I think the most fun we've had so far was with Lucky Southern Devils and Big Bang Radio.

OB: Anxiety Switch has some great music on your Myspace, where do you do most of your recording?

Christian: We do most of our recording in my living room. Just a Beta 52, a few SM57's and 58's and some cheap MXL condensers, and I do all of the mixing and such. Since the beginning we've just laid down the drum tracks and overdubbed everything, but we're a lot tighter live, so we're planning on moving into Berto's living room for a session and recording everything live, see how that works out for us.

OB: Speaking of music online, there are a couple of new songs up, how do you guys go about putting together new music?
Alberto: We just start playing music and hope to God that nobody's already written it.

Artavius: Usually Christian will start playing some riff, Berto will come in, and I try and figure out what the hell Christian's doing, and then I try and figure out what the hell I'm gonna do.

Christian: Yeah, I usually just come up with some riffs and everyone tries to figure out what to do with it. Or the other way around. We just jam over and over, changing little things here and there until we have a structure that we like. And we always start with the music - lyrics have always come afterwards so far.

OB: Any plans for studio time in the near future?

Christian: Very very soon. We have quite a few newer songs that have yet to be recorded, and some that we're still working on. We're hoping to release what we have so far as an EP by mid-November and then a full-length album by late Fall, early New year. Having our own equipment and space allows us to be able to work quickly.


Anxiety Demos 2009 EP - September 2009 (Given away at shows)

Silence EP - 2008 (Given away and passed to friends)



Anxiety Switch has a highly explosive original sound that is ready to take over Florida. The band members, Christian, Artavius and Alberto, bring diverse influences that make them completely distant from any other band in the area. Anxiety Switch has earned an innovative sound with Christian's genuine lyrics and edgy guitar riffs. They can awaken a crowd with their hard-hitting bass and drums, or they can smooth the jam with ease for an absolute personal experience with their melodic sounds.

Anxiety Switch doesn't want to label themselves as one genre of music. If they had to choose a few styles you could find them between the lines of alternative, indie and grunge rock. Their influences differ among Led Zeppelin, Deftones, Pink Floyd, Smashing Pumpkins, Hum, Queen and Iron Maiden.

Alberto and Christian have been long lasting friends since high school back in 2007. During their practice sessions they could come up with three or four fresh songs. Alberto plays the drums while Christian is the lead guitarist and vocalist. Artavius was the original rhythm guitar and switched to bass when the band couldn't find a bassist good enough to fill the shoes of their last bassist. Since picking up the bass he has added his distinguished musical style to the backbone of the band. They officially formed in 2009 by collaborating and experimenting with their instruments to create their raw and melodic sound.

Currently, Anxiety Switch has performed at various local clubs and even tied up for first place at the Gorilla Battle of The Bands back in October 2009, awaiting to go to the finals. 2010 will be their year of world domination and they are independently creating their full-length album and expect to release their work by spring 2010.