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Stamford, Connecticut, United States

Stamford, Connecticut, United States
Band Pop Rock


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Crash My Party – 2002
Welcome Home Jessica – 2003
The Crossover – UCONN Husky Entertainment Compilation CD - 2005
Meltdown – July, 2005




ANYA finds great importance in incorporating not only love and romance in her songwriting, but enjoys writing lyrics with occasional historical reference. “Biker Girl” travels from city to city – town to town – each bearing the name of a Native American Indian tribe.

A talented sage might have composed The Road of Bones and Pirate of the Mind suggest her musical elders, but ANYA, at 19, is driven to push brain cells to burrow deep into the psyche to make one think. A lighter writing style, too, Biker Girl, Decoration and Madame Bonaparte, (romantic songs with a twist), pull at your heartstrings to create tears and laughter. ANYA attends a master class daily as she listens to her vast CD collection of vocal icons from Ella Fitzgerald to Christina Aguilera/Johnny Hartman to Steven Tyler. Compositions began to fly from her pen one day, when ANYA's eastern European and classical roots met American radio. Brilliant melodies danced off the page to accompany ANYA's tremendous range to startle even the most intense listener. If you welcome and would love a new, contemporary sound, ANYA would love to step into your heart.

ANYA toured West Virginia in 2003 at the age of 15 when she wrote a "thank you" song honoring our military and Ms. Jessica Lynch. ANYA fell in love with the people and the rolling hills of West Virginia reminding her of her birthplace, the Carpathian Mountains.. Please visit, a free download of Welcome Home Jessica awaits you as well as press coverage, a WV photo page and a detailed itinerary of ANYA’s visit.

At the age of four, ANYA began singing to the mirror. She sang “Mommy, will I ever be beautiful?” Born in the Carpathian Mountains, she was perfect little girl. Soon nature misfired. The entire chin of this heart-shaped face was engulfed with a hematoma. Surgeons in her homeland promised no hope. ANYA’S mother flew to the U.S. in search of a miracle. Now 18, and two successful surgeries behind her, ANYA is eligible for the final surgery. Hesitant to travel down a third surgical road, ANYA refers to her thin scar as a reminder of her good fortune. A small triangular blueprint remains, for now, as the reminder of miracles doesn’t fade . After all, this temporary deformity brought her to the U.S. where she is living her life-long dream of SINGING.

Depressed by the Iraq War, ANYA and her high school chums came alive with hope once Jessica Lynch was rescued. Suddenly lyrics and music for a new song jumped onto the page. A tribute to all the troops coming home was titled “Welcome Home Jessica (to West Virginia) the land of the free”. ANYA felt a special bond with this young female soldier as they both shared a homeland geographically similar; filled with beautiful mountains. With an invitation to tour West Virginia, ANYA’S memory journal soon filled to capacity. A heart-wrenching meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Lynch at their home had Mrs. Lynch run into the house for tissues as everyone was crying tears of joy. Newspapers, W.V. Radio Corporation and ABC local and network television interviewed ANYA, thanking her for her lovely tribute to the state of West Virginia, Miss Lynch and our servicemen.

“Road of Bones”, a nickname for the Kolyma Highway in Siberia, was constructed by slave labor during Stalin’s era. Driven by his passion to reach and mine gold and silver, he built Russia’s Superhighway. Slaves dropped like flies and were buried in the road bed, the tundra too frozen to dig proper graves. In ANYA’S “Road of Bones”, referred to as Route Six Sixty-Six, ANYA takes Johnny’s hand, hoping to rescue him from his greed. Today’s “Road of Bones” is the burial ground of 401K’s, pensions, lost employment or lack of medical insurance. The climb up the corporate ladder should not be a ticket for thieves at the top to destroy a man’s life.

“Roller Coaster”, one of four finalists in VH1’s “Song of the Year” rock category, is a binocular of everyone’s life. The simple lyrics and pulsating beat with a great melody glues itself to the memory. “It’s a dark, dark, world - ups and downs, twists and turns, everywhere you go” are driven by the ANYA’S Roller Coaster – if you close your eyes you’ll think you’re on the Kinda Ka, the newest, tallest and fastest roller coaster on earth.

“Meltdown”, describes all of us that were once innocent. We’ve suddenly become poisoned by false accusations and a man’s perjury. Those who were once our friends, family & co-workers have now turned against us. In this song the incarcerated wails, “Even if I were the savior, healed the sick and fed my neighbor, nothing would have changed their minds”. The existence of a man withers like untended grapes on the vine when in Sing Sing. ANYA writes, “I didn’t do the crime but I’ll have to do his time!”

“Madame Bonaparte” – is this song a fantasy or reality? ANYA flies to France in search of romance. Strolling on cobblestones along the Seine she meets