The Anybodies

The Anybodies


The Anybodies are a young pop-rock group from Cork, Ireland. Their sing-along melodies, danceable beats and amusing lyrical observations have recieved much praise, while their entertaining live performances never fail to excite fans.


When guitarist, Shane Burke, and bassist, Eoin Deasy, met after school one day armed with nothing but their guitars, 2 bad amps and a vague idea of forming a band, neither really expected it to go beyond the walls of the disused classroom. Three years later, their sights are set a little higher.

When the two friends met with drummer, Tiz McNamara, their overly distorted practise sessions began to take a bit more shape. The reverb was turned down, a name, Loose Change, was found and the band's first live performance went down as a success.
When local radio picked up on a rough demo, things began looking up. As more gigs were played, the trio began to grow as a musical unit. However one less than receptive audience in a lonely corner of Ireland made it clear to the group that their vocal skills were just not up to scratch. On the long road home it was decided that for the band to progress, this problem would need to be rectified.

When Richard Sheehy let out the opening ''sha la la la" of Counting Crows' 'Mr. Jones' at his first gig, he confirmed to everyone present that the band had moved on to the next level. When he launched into the group's original material, it was clear that this was a totally different band to the one who played their first gig to a handful of friends. The Anybodies were born.

Over the next few months, the quartet went from strength to strength. Recording their first proper demo, gaining praise from local press and becoming the only unsigned band to headline 2fm's School of Rock tour (as well as a barn in the middle of nowhere), The Anybodies are becoming one of Cork's most exciting young bands. Their lyrics, dealing with all things adolescent, stand out for their honesty as well as their quirky sense of humour.

From the chalk dust of the classroom to the mud of a barnyard, The Anybodies have been through alot already in their ongoing quest to evolve Irelands Pop Rock scene!



Written By: The Anybodies

I felt old feelings lately
can't help it, drives me crazy
i felt old feelings for you
and everytime that we're together
on the town or where ever
i feel you're feeling this way too

does that make me sound arrogant?
i never meant to be arrogant
somehow this feeling takes me back again
and i just hope you understand

so come on, come on, come on, come on, ya
come on. come on (let's do what we shouldn't do)/(let's run away me and you)

i saw you dancing with him
and he may be better looking
but i saw the way you looked at me
if i thought that you felt nothing
i could move onto something
but i feel there's something more to see


there's too much complication
i'm bordering desperation
but i feel that's a risk i'm willing to take
my friends say that i shouldn't
and i promised that i wouldn't
but i feel that's a promise bound to break



Written By: The Anybodies

i'm scared, falling into disbelief
knocked down, fading out of history
i lay, buried in the dead leaves
confused, sleeping with my enemy

(you, you can be my rising sun
you, you're the only one) x2

i can be your friend or i can be your enemy
i'll give you the best if i can have the rest of me
and you know that life, it'll be the death of me
but you, you can be my energy

cut tight, walking down a fine line
don't you know, don't you know it's high time
see it there, burning in the red sky
see it there, burning in your wild eyes



First single due to be released officially on
August 15th.

2 Track Demo recorded January 2007.

Set List

Feelings, Superhero, Lydia, One More Time, Valentine, Audrey, Another Last Kiss Goodnight, Sick Of The Disco, As Long As Your Happy, Last One To Move, Immortalised, Energy, Face Reality, Half Twice Everything,

Video Killed The Radio Star-The Buggles
Take On Me- A ha
Somebody Told Me -The Killers
Hey Jude-The Beatles