Anyday Cult

Anyday Cult

 Morristown, New Jersey, USA

If you want a band that has no boundaries and takes every possible avenue of sonic vitality, then we're your band.


Despite assembling under a name that sounds like some apocalyptically-driven group of suicidal, pseudo-religious social outcasts (whose climactic implosion is deserving of its own documentary on the History Channel), Anyday Cult is not an actual cult, but rather an original band of jam-inclined 20-somethings (whose voracious appetite for soulful modern rock is deserving of its own documentary on the Fuse). The band formed in 2007 behind guitarist Harry Morris Jr., bassist and A. Hammond Murray who quickly formed a frighteningly communal voice after a few seasons of rehearsals. A year later, vocalist and saxophonist Dan Sullivan became the sect’s Charles Manson, lending his crazy/persuasive funk-laced vocals to the band’s already established jams and garnering it comparisons to groups like Incubus and Pearl Jam.
Anyday Cult is currently finished recording their self titled album and are booking gigs up and down the East Coast (where they’re making heads turn and asses shake with feel-good rhythms that will brain-wash audiences and have them gulping down the Kool-Aid.)

Youtube: Anyday Cult

Currently streaming on Rukus Radio and Homegrown Radio
don't forget to check out the 2 videos we have up
Debut LP coming September 2011

Selected for Evolvefest 2011
RuKus The Festival 2011

65/500 top Downloaded songs for
"Bonnaroo Road to Roo" sonicbids online battle

Set List

A high energy set stretching the boundaries of Rock with a soulful voice to send the message home.

Covers include:
Hard to Handle
Good Times Bad Times
You know I'm no good
Under the Bridge
Rolling in the Deep