Any Day in June

Any Day in June


New Wave, Glam Rock with an Indie Techno-Pop feel. Pretty music you can dance to.


Any Day in June is the studio project for J. Celestino. In the wake of collapsing bands and other projects J. decided to work on his own, with a new style. Leaving behind many of his former influences and dosing heavily on the music of his youth, 80's New Wave.

The project is an evolution thanks mainly to technology. The ability to record and produce alone has become a new imaginative movement for creating music. Any Day in June is part of that movement.


Detroit Days (Feb 2006)
It's Late [single] (2005)
Any Day in June s/t (2004)

Set List

Set list is about an hour long consisting of mainly new material from the new Detroit Days album. Rarely reprising the earlier material. If time allows a cover of David Bowies five years.