any day parade

any day parade


We are a 5 piece original country/alt-country/punk band with tremendous heart and spunk. Our sound includes huge melodic vocals, 3 guitars, driving bass and drums. Harmonies are ever present and haunting.


......ADP incorporates all of the warm homey tropes of country music – twangy guitar leads, broad strokes of acoustic rhythm guitar, big catchy choruses – but played with the aggressiveness and intensity of punk- Jim Testa, Jersey Beat

......a casual, warm, upbeat southern charm, they play a catchy, rousing, smartly crafted blend of old school, 60s style country and clanging, jangly rock spiced with boisterous, tuneful lead guitar wherever they can squeeze it in- Lucid Culture

.....ADP’s live act was an amazing rock ‘n’ rollin’ straight whiskey-swillin’ party, complete with big sexy guitar riffs and plenty of vocal bravado.-Gina Pensiero, One Sweet Song Blog

The streets of Jersey City, New Jersey are not where you’d expect to
find the astounding, high energy, country act Any Day Parade. The band made up of members from all over the United States including Florida,
Kansas and Kentucky has the indie world buzzing.
Packing venues and wooing crowds in Jersey City, Brooklyn and NYC, Any Day Parade have a grit and honesty related to by anyone who has ever loved, lost or longed for a love lost. With shared vocals amongst two gents and a dame, this band goes from gritty blues countrified garage rock, to the sweetest harmonies all in one song. Driven by a swinging rhythm section, the guitars jangle channeling Dave Davies and Johnny Cash simultaneously.
Their new 7”-‘Honest Route’- showcases their ability to be heartbroken and regretful with the A side title track, while offering a view of their rowdy outlaw side in the B side titled ‘So Long.’This latest release has the grit and rawness that NJ bands
are known for but with a vast knowledge of 50’s and 60’s country and
garage rock evident in the mix. The combined forces of garage and punk rock
backgrounds has these 5 players putting that energy from early influences into these very fun and heart tugging country tunes.
Any Day Parade is poised to embark on a 20 date US tour in support of their latest offering starting September 10th.


7"- 'Honest Route / So Long'
Self Produced.
Released September 2009

EP- 'Where We Fall'
Self - Produced
Released March 2009

EP- Broken Lamps-
Self Produced
released July 2008
Songs Can be heard on our myspace page.

Set List

45 minute set list
-Broken Lamps
-Where We Fall
-Miss You
-So Long
-Honest Route
-Hold On Me
-All My Friends
-Lost Your Man
-Call Me
-Honest Route
-Good Morning Darlin'
-Water Bucket
-Couple Hours
-Stay All Night (Willie Nelson)
-Black Rose (Waylon Jennings)