Any Human Heart

Any Human Heart


We are four good friends who have found something that we love doing together and that is making music that is interesting, infectious and filled with passion and emotion.


Any Human heart consists of four good mates, two of which are brothers who have been together for around 10 months. We share a common passion for making music and want to make other people feel that passion too.
With as many differences as similarities in our musical influences, we aim to create something that is both interesting and infectious and hopefully let others gain the enjoyment and buzz that we get from creating our music.

We draw our influences from the likes of The Strokes, My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Gang of Four - however our sound is something that we feel is true to ourselves and is in many ways unique, much more than just a sum of our influences.

Despite only having played a handful of gigs around Glasgow, our sound has become watertight and we have established a decent following along the way.

Our goal is to express ourselves to the best of our ability and hopefully make some people happy in the process.


Life In Vain
If My Mouth Could Marry A Hurt Like That
Other Comments

Set List

typical set lasts 30 - 40 mins with tracks including Life in Vain, If My Mouth Could Marry A Hurt Like That and Other Comments.

As well as around 6 other finished tracks and new material coming to fruition every week.