The band as it is today have been together since February/March of 2003. The line up being Lucy Hodges vocals, Gerwyn Davies Guitar, Alex Bell bass and Owen Lewis drums. For the past year that the band has been together they have been constantly writing songs and developing their sound. With a few gigs under their belts and a live set list of 15 songs the band played various venues around south Wales and also made a trip down to Exeter to play the student union. Most of the gigs during last year were played on the back of the bands first recording, the five track demo; Tenemine.

With the recording of this demo the band had a chance to experiment and learn more about each others skills as musicians. This recording was also Gerwyns first outing as a producer, an experience which would prove invaluable when it came to recording for a second time. Although the first demo was well compiled and recorded at Immtech studios Cardiff and also at the University of Glamorgan studios, the band felt that the sound they had achieved didn’t truly reflect what they were aiming for. After passing through to 2004 the band found itself itching to get in the studio for a second time with the hope of recording something that would be far more definitive of their sound. Arrangements were then made for the band to go down to Newport, to spend three days at Nottin Pill studios with engineers and mixers Jeff and Ginge. All of the tracks were fully prepared before entering the studio to make the recording process as efficient as possible

The band felt at home in the studio with Jeff and Ginge, and Gerwyn as the producer was able to convey to them exactly what he thought the tracks should sound like, and also found that Jeff and Ginge’s long experience in this area a big help with adding some finishing touches. So that is the story until now, with a new demo that the band is immensely proud of and a blossoming live set, the band are hoping to play many gigs in the forth coming months and through the summer.


Midnight Blue - 2003
Picture This - 2004

Set List

45 Minutes
Original Music