Anyonebutyou is a combination of sonic intensity and poetic sincerity. Combining heavy, driving guitars with thumping bass, gut-wrenching vocals and military-precise drums, Anyonebutyou strives to create a diverse sound to set them apart from all others.


With the recent departure of lead vocalist Sam Osborn, Anyonebutyou has emerged with a renewed sense of direction and energy that is impossible to ignore. With each member bringing their own flavor to the mix, the sound created by ABU may be hard to swallow for some, but is embraced by most. With influences ranging from Tool, to Deftones and post hardcore, they bring a live show that is a unique experience not soon to be forgotten.


Singles: Anyonebutyou- A Perfect World ( 4 track demo)
Full-length: Anyonebutyou- It's not the Fall that Hurts- 9 tracks
Both the demo and the full length receive regular airplay on the WJJO Local Stage and the Mad Radio 96.3 Basement.

Set List

Our typical set list is as follows:
Stripped Away
Start of a New Semester
The Giving Game
Hollow Rewards
And I
The Skanks, The Bitches, the Whores and you
Version 2.2
Warplanes over Shangai
Image is Everything
Someday I will
Swallow in the Fever
Typical set runs 45 min to an 1 hr and 15 min