Anyone For A Hold-Up

Anyone For A Hold-Up


We are 4 Musicians writing songs about politics, science and history with the occasional party tune. We are at the age where we develop a lot of questions about life and the way things really are. We use our music to approach these ideas and concepts and build stories or scenarios from our lyrics and sound. After 20+ songs written, our first song that we started almost 2 years ago has just been finished. I guess that explains the pride and time we put in.


The complex and controversial history of “Anyone For A Hold-Up” began thirty years ago during secret experiential trials that were held by private corporations under the watchful eye of political powers. Four children with unknown backgrounds were handpicked to participate in these unethical experiments. The quartet, nicknamed The Study was injected with a neurological augmentation drug that in th...eory would enhance the innate gifts that the four possessed. The hope with these trials was to create a new breed of hybrid soldiers that would use their capabilities to push the agenda of the Controllers.

After years of conditioning and manipulation of the senses, three were released into the public arena with no recollection of what transpired during their early years in this experience. One remained captive for further testing and as a comparison to the others for developmental purposes.

After 20 years, the project, code named OWL (Operative Weapon Logistics), was abandoned and the last subject was released. Through forces unknown to this dimension, The Study was reunited by their common unmatched dedication to the arts, most notably music. Their records during the experiments were classified and lost to time so accurate historical files cannot be retrieved.

What is known, are the experiences following the trials. The controllers underestimated the full potential of the subjects and as a result, the plan backfired. The three that were released first were able to harness their illuminated abilities and began a musical journey that would unlock the mysteries of their beginnings.

The forth subject was concluded to be an anomaly of the project due to his resistance to conditioning. Once in the public eye, he was labelled as a promoter of discord and was under constant surveillance to ensure his augmented ability was kept as a weapon against him.

Through a series of predetermined events, the anomaly was led to meeting one of his counterparts. The pair established a close bond and began to write musical compositions that have never been tried before. The two soon reconnected with the other two subjects and The Study was reborn. In order to channel their abilities together, they created a medium in which to unleash the full power of their potential. “Anyone For A Hold-Up” was this medium.


In Development