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Anyone For Shark?

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Kate Goes / Vix n'the Kix / Bom & His Magic Drumstick / Anyone For Shark? / The Sugarfoot Stomp DJ's Rainbow Digbeth Friday 1st February 2008"

Ner ner. Ner ner. Ner ner ner ner. Ner ner ner ner ner ner nerrrrrr nerrrrrr. Shark anyone? (yes that was my attempt at trying to write the theme tune to Jaws...obvious really). Welcome once more fellow travellers to the grave to another episode in the continuing adventures of Kamikaze! and bien venue (I think that's French for something) to Anyone For Shark? Well, yes please, me for one. Anyone For Shark are a flesh rippingly awesome blues funk collective, a killer Bees if you like (the band the Bees, not the honey producing furry critters...although the lead singer was sporting a little facial fuzz...maybe he really is a bee in disguise?). Hot damn these guys are funky when they get in the groove - listen to Onepoundsfifty on their MySpace page. Awesome. The talent we've got in our fair city never ceases to amaze me, and AFS are right up there with the very best. Gigbeth organisers are you listening? Anyone For Shark? on the main stage...headlining...on the opening excuses. Not for the last time this evening I found myself prising open the old wallet to buy a CD...
- The Hearing Aid


Anyone For Shark? Oh yes. I'll have shark and chips please, with mushy peas and a pickled egg (pickled eggs...why? It's just so wrong...). The Shark are a real treat. Think a jazzier, funkier version of The Bees and you'll have a good idea of their sound. Some of the tracks bubble along nicely, lulling you gently into that kind of head nodding that people do when they're listening to jazz...then it all goes full on Bonzo Dog Doodah Band nuts. Try to nod along to that and you'd lose your frontal lobe. I can think of no better way to lose my facilities that nodding pieces of my brain away to Anyone For Shark? though, so it's all good. Why the hell aren't there more bands like Anyone For Shark? Feel the funk people...FEEEEEL THE FUNKKKKKKK!
- The Hearing Aid


EP Tweet Tweet released 2007. Available in record shops in Birmingham.

Nina Gelatina played on BBC6 Introducing with Tom Robinson.



Influences vary from funk, soul, rock, motown, jazz, blues, hip hop and anything else you can think of...