Anything August

Anything August


Born in a town you've never heard of, the boys of Anything August have made a name for themselves across BC and Alberta, with their energetic live shows and catchy, melodic songs. Keep an eye out for these guys, or you'll miss your chance to say "I knew them when they were underground."


"There's not much to the music scene in Northern BC," explains singer Andrew Bennett. "It's basically dead. There's no creativity anymore and a complete lack of passion." For a dead music scene like northern British Columbia, Anything August (comprised of singer Andrew Bennett, guitarists Simon Nagel and Jeremy Lutz, bassist Justin Melanson, and drummer Calvin Lechner) is very much alive. Formed in 2003 by a group of high school friends, the band has never forgotten where they came from, yet they can’t help but look forward to the future.

After several years and no lineup changes, the quintet has already made a name for themselves across Western Canada. In early 2006 they won the University of Northern British Columbia's Battle of the Bands (a testament to their energetic live show, one which has won them countless fans across the province) and were featured guests at the Virgin Rock Music Competition in Calgary, Alberta. They have toured British Columbia and are currently planning a much larger tour to take place this spring, incorporating dates in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The band has been fortunate enough to work with some great names. In March of 2005, the group recorded an eight song demo with Travis Saunders who has produced albums for Stutterfly (Maverick Records) and thebleedingalarm (Immortal Records). In October of 2006 the band received a grant from VideoFACT for $20,000 to film a music video for their song Last Minute. The video was directed by award winning Stephano Barberis of Arkadia Pictures Inc. and was filmed in Vancouver BC. “You can’t go wrong with these guys,” Barberis says, “They’ve got the songwriting talent, the musicianship, the perfect look, and the right attitude!”.

New, unrecorded songs like The Butterfly Engine, Chemical Edge, and Symphony, display the band as stronger than ever, no longer wearing their influences on their sleeves but showing a unique sound that is completely their own. Although, they still maintain their original rock/alternative sound, Anything August now incorporates nostalgic guitar solos, favouring fans of artists such as Ozzy Osbourne or Guns N’ Roses, with three part vocal harmonies that could make a grown man cry. They have taken elements from punk, pop, emo, and classic rock, and molded them together to shape a new sound for the world to hear.

What does the future hold for Anything August? After a summer of tightening their material, they have said goodbye to their hometown of Kitimat, and moved into the much more apt setting of Kelowna BC, where music has become the primary focus of their lives. Armed with a new touring van, PA system, and an arsenal of addicting songs, Anything August is now prepared to take the rest of the world by storm!


"Songs From Your Last Hour" EP, 2002
"Anything August Rockumentary" DVD, 2003
"The Trip Home" EP, 2004
"Last Minute" Music Video, Released on MuchMusic, 2006

Set List

Freedom's First Sunrise
Mom, Dad...Meet Music
Deciduous Luxuria
You Only Live Once (So Stay Well Protected)
Last Minute
Chemical Edge
Post Chorus Romance
Stay The Same (I'll Stay Away)
Last Hours of Addiction
I Am Jack's Broken Heart
The Butterfly Engine