ANything But Fifty

ANything But Fifty


A driving force in the sound of hardcore meets unique blistering sounds of thrash. A unique blend guitar shredding sound and bass guitar that is unheard of at this time, tie in a drums of fury and uncany vocals and you have a very hard to describe music sound from ANYTHING BUT FIFTY.


The sound that ANYTHING BUT FIFTY has create is like no other before us. Some call it hardcore, some say metal, we say pure adreline with a well blended sound. You can hear each individuals contribution to the band. Our influences range from Type o negative to Goldfinger, I believe that is what really sets us apart from other bands. Our story is simple good soun, quality members in the band and the drive for rock n roll glory.


Nothing 2:19 seconds (demo)

our self titled EP is awaiting arrivial ( our studio is mastering it now)

Set List

our typical set list goes for 45-55 minutes. We have 2 set lists what we call old set and new set. old set 11 songs, new set 9 songs. We do not do covers, all original material.