Anything But This

Anything But This


Anything But This is the next wave in nu-metal. Music that is on the heavy and light side. More along the side of metal/funk/screamo. We have an original sound, love playing music, and always have fun. We are headstrong, and we know what we want.


Anything But This is the next wave in Nu-Metal. Our music is versatile in that we can play heavy or light depending on the mood. Our genre tends to be along the lines of metal/funk/screamo/alternative. We have been together as a whole for over a year, but 3 members have been together for 2 years. We had to revamp our members, replacing two and gaining one. We like to take our time writing our songs; taking as long as we need. Our influences range from Deftones to Incubus, Mudvayne to Tool, Dave Matthews Band to Taproot. We have respect not only for our music, but for other musicians as well. We make it a point to always introduce ourselves, to always stay and listen to our fellow musicians, and never put ourselves above anyone. We're all trying and all struggling. We love what we do and we are good at it.


We have a 4 track EP out featuring the songs: Breathe Again, Exploited, The Virus, & This Temptation. We have songs on our website,,, promote, and we were played on channel 93.3's local show on Sundays.

Set List

The Condition, Exploited, The Virus, Leaving You, Circles, Breathe Again, This Temptaion, Beatuiful Armaggedon, Still, Qi, and Exploited. We usualy play for about an hour depending on how pressured we are. We don't really play any covers. Leave them to the originators.