anytime in july

anytime in july


Coming from South Florida, Anytime In July is a heavy yet melodic four piece rock band that refuses to sit still. With powerful songs and an energetic presence, their greatest efforts are focused on taking their dynamic live show on the road to relentlessly expose people to their sound.


With influences ranging from the Foo Fighters to Six Going On Seven to Sunny Day Real Estate, Anytime In July exhibit and transmit a level of passion, emotion, and intensity through their music. In May 2003, their debut self-titled EP was released, and a tour covering Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas was launched. Anytime In July then toured throughout Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut in the Fall of 2003 (as well as revisiting Georgia and the Carolinas)

Playing more shows abroad in the past year then in their home state of Florida, Anytime in July show their dedication to touring and exude a drive and determination that is earning them a reputation as one of the hardest working groups in Florida.


another movie scene

Written By: anytime in july

the hours pass by oh so gently, and the fear is not relenting over. but sleepless days turn into nights, recollecting all the heights surpassed. the captain wants to know my name, i only say that we're the same and broken

a temporary visionary, more than this. anticipating, contemplating more than this.

i haven't felt this elementary until the glass i had was empty, pour it (and let it take its course). and this rehearsal doesn't mean it's just another movie scene with you.

for the week

Written By: anytime in july

these shallow channels stealing my dreams. crooked surface stations puncture the mains. with each step forbidden games speak when pop structures plastic minds for the week.

there is nothing left here today. broken static smears, and hope decays.

i see a vision through a window. i'm being driven when the will grows. i've tasted fears of dreams that never come. ashamed of hopes that come undone.


self-titled EP 2003
demo march 2004

Set List

:30 to :45 minute sets


absense of stereo
another movie scene
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for the week
time unanswered
the second guess
what you came for