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Any Waking Moment has written and Produced 2 demos, the second demo was completed In September of 2005 and consists of 7 songs



Any Waking Moment began one night in February of 2004, although at that point the band had no name and was just a crazy idea. Chris and Jim had started working at a Italian Restaurant. Jim kept asking Chris to come out and jam and Chris wanted nothing to do with playing music. He had been in too many previous bands and this new project had no interest to him. Eventually Jim got Rob a job at the same restaurant Rob and Chris met and eventaully they all decided to play one night. The three of them picked up a case of beer after work and went back to Chris's apartment soaking wet and started to play. From that night eventually came the first ideas for the song Picture Perfect and the rest was written a few weeks later. After writing this song they all knew that they had something there and that they should persue music and form a band. The three of them continued to write music for about 3 months and when they had enough material decided to look for the rest of the band. eventually the band decided to go with Ryan Lancellotti on bass. Lance was a friend of Chris's from school and even though he had not played for a few years was good enough to join the band. In May of 2004 Chris and Rob went to a show at the Post Gazzette Pavilion and that was where they met Sean Brown. Sean was a drummer who was in a few of Robs old bands and decided to drum after hearing the material the band was working on. After the band was formed they had to take a name. they decided to go with Any Waking Moment, a name of one of Chris's old bands that he fronted and wrote every bit of music for. I guess the name sounded better than Running Second or, Losers by default, which were a few names that Jim and Rob's old band were toying with. In August of 2004 the band decided it was time to go and record a demo of their material. They went to a friend who did it for free and in October of 2004 released Waking up in a Dream. The demo had 6 songs on it and is very hard to find. The band played its first show at the Brickhouse Skate Park in Perryopolis PA. The show went well because they didn't get anything thrown at them. Lets fast forward to now. Any Waking Moment is a different band then when they started. The band just released its second demo intitled Open Doors and Shattered Dreams. The cd contains 7 songs. The band has been through many changes. they are on their 6th bassist and have a new drummer. The current lineup is Jim Dalby on guitar, Chris Pesce on Guitar/Throat, Rob Goodall Lead Vocals, Benny Pinto on Bass/Throat and the newest memeber Adam Z on Drums. the band has played Mr. Smalls twice in 05 and headlined a show there. The band has played out as far as harrisburg and has done a bunch of shows wherever someone will let them plug in and play. The band has set a goal to play 100 shows this year and has started to book for 2006. There will be many more shows at Mr Smalls and any other venue in the city of Pittsburgh. The band is also in the process of booking a 2 week tour in the summer that will hit, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, New Jersey and possibly deleware. Hopefully you all will come along for the ride because its gonna be fun.