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Defiance Webzine UK Interview

1.Hey guys, nice to talk to you first of all how's your day been?

Jenko: Simply splendid indeed!!! Fans are responding to the anticipated release of our debut album and we're consistently working hard!!!

LifeSaver: Spectacular as always, woke up this morning and was still breathing so I can't really complain lol.

2.For our readers who aren't familiar with A02 can you explain who you are and what your about?

Jenko: Well we are AO2, acronym for Anarchy Peace...

LifeSaver: Alpha and Omega

Jenko: with the exponent...

LifeSaver: We pretty much embody the conflict within all things... Anarchy, peace, one can't exist without the other and I think our songs convey that...

Jenko: I second that motion & comment Saver, precisely!!!

3.How would you describe the type of rap you do? i.e is it light hearted or do you try and convey as message like the old school rappers did?

Jenko: Well being from the era where the whole meaning of Hip Hop was based on art, I am more into making music with substance, music I feel should always
push the envelope and evolve... And we like to party as well with our music!!!

LifeSaver: See I grew up listening to old school rock which most always had something to say either politically or was just commenting on the state of the
world and I try to bring that same state of mind to our music.

Jenko: Even though we rap, we consider ourselves Artists, in that we can blend and make hits in any genre! We've created a new genre that we call "RockHopIc."
Which is "Rock", "Hip Hop", and "Epic"! So don't try to fuckin jack our style lol!!!

4.How did you get into rap music originally?

LifeSaver: Well I love music, it's my passion in life, it gives us an outlet to say what we want and live in whatever world we choose, but I can't sing worth a
damn lol! So I decided I had some shit to say that I wanted people to fuckin hear and I found a home in rap, people accepted me and what I had to say.
Though I sound different, people respect and appreciate my words!

Jenko: Becoming involved as a rapper Stemed from the first rap videos i'd seen on like MTV, the whole Def Jam Movement.Up to age 4yr. i'd listened to classic groups,R&B,
Black Oldies Groups,James Brown,Temptations,Clearence Carter, Earth Wind & Fire...Jackie Wilson, groups with awesome showmanship! Then Coming into the whole
Music Video ERa represented a way for me to become Verbally Artistic & Mix my own Style into my Music!

5.What made you wake up one morning and say to yourself, I'm going to be MC/rapper today?

LifeSaver: Tough to actually pinpoint the exact moment, but I suppose what started it was when I first started hanging out with Jenko and saw how simple words could
could be used to instill passion in the hearts of whoever listened. It's not something I planned on initially but it just made sense with all the bullshit
happening right in front of me. I thought "I should be able to say what the fuck I want too" and I did lol!

Jenko: Awwwww, I inspired you buddy?... You wanna.. you want a Jenko hug!?!?!

LifeSaver: Shut the fuck up asshole lol

Jenko: Well gotdamn lol. I felt... music was my life, I'd always been a great writer, if artists on television and radio could voice themselves, then so could I. But
more or less, I've just always been musically inclined.

6.How did A02 form?

Jenko: Hey Saver, would you like to give the long or short version?

LifeSaver: Short fucking version lol. We were in a previous group called the PTA (Part Time Addicts) with 2 other individuals, that turned out to be a couple lying,
unloyal motherfuckers. Jenko and myself decided we could do alot better on our own, making our own style of music... And Here We Are!!

Jenko: Took alot of Breadcrumbs to get to this Golden Brick road! (Hansel and Gretel, WIzard of Oz reference lol) But good luck to them, we're splendid!!!

LifeSaver: We've made so much more progress without them...

7.What has the responce been like by the listeners?

Jenko: We felt the music we were creating could be timeless! it's full of energy and refreshing even to us! Response from the fans blew us away!

LifeSaver: I've never met anyone that hasn't fallen in love with at least half of the songs we have thus far...

Jenko: You work towards this level of success but when the fans are right there and they appreciate you and your music, it's Amazing and makes the years of hard work
worth it!

8.Who has influenced you musically in your lives?

LifeSaver: I guess my dad is to blame for how I've been influenced, playing Metallica and AC/DC records to me as a child while I fell asleep, that shit really shaped
what my mind is drawn to musically... I fucking love Disturbed, Mudvayne, Xzibit, Tupac, and pretty much any musician that has something to say and can
articulate it well!

Jenko: I'm gonna run through the list; grandparents, family, all artists throughtout history but specifically Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Rakim, Tupac, Aerosmith, oldies
classics. I just love all types of music, I draw influence from it all. Oh...Also...our Earth 4 Compadre Velvet is a Beast when it comes to Music! Seeing his
energy, and eagerness towards making new songs and looking for the new hit to record gets me amped as well! Quick Galactic shoutout to Velvet be on the lookout
for new Earth 4 R&B Classic from Him as well!

9.How do you go about writing a new track? do you have a specific way of writing?

LifeSaver: For Me, I Just let the Music write my verse. I Listen, create a picture in my mind and verbalize it. Sometimes I Could just be sitting around and a bad ass
thought enters my head and I Have to write it down. Its Very visual with me, If I Cant create a Scene in my head, then its a lost cause.

Jenko: Sometimes....Well First...I also have a Producers background. So Sometimes I'd make a Track and then derive words from the feeling of the track! Or Lots of times
Songs will just Slap you in the Face and I'll Stop whatever I'm doing Immediately and write a Complete Song! Creativity for Songs Come from Any and Every Moment
of Life!

10. Obviously the style of music you create borrows from other styles of music, what is your favourite style to work with when it comes to creating new tracks and samples?

LifeSaver: It Has to Go Hard as Fuck...and if I Cant see myself listening to it on my own time, then fuck It! I Love shit with a Heavy guitar or some crazy sound people
aren't use to. So to answer your question, whatever style my life is in at the moment, usually rock LOL!

Jenko: Awesome Saver...Well...Hmmm..The Basic Structure I would say were're looking for is something thats...80's Futuristic because of the cultural movement at that
time,Rock because its that, ugghhh...that Live Interaction, Stadium Status! The Epic comes in in that we are heroic, bringing a new Sound for the Globe, the
People,The World!

11. Does your personal lives influence your music and equally does your music influence your personal lives?

LifeSaver:Of Course, without personal experience music would be meaningless!

Jenko: And Since We Fucking Rock, Our Fans Wont Allow Us To Stop!!----question answered?--LOL

12. Obviously with more rappers being censored whether it's swearing or lyrical content in the last few years, what are your thoughts on censorship and cleaning up records as
it were?
LifeSaver: Censorship lies in the responsibility of the parents and they should be more proactive in their children's lives. As for adults, the reason they ARE adults
is because they should be able to make decisions for themselves, if you think you will be offended by something, stay the FUCK away from it! We all live in an
imperfect world. MUsic isn't to blame for our problems, people are... censer your gotdamn self lol.

Jenko: We don't go out of our way to use profanity... But on that same token, if you're driving and want someone to get out of the damn way and use their fucking blinker
so you know where the fuck they're turning, That's REAL!!! Conveying a feeling using profanity when used with emotion I feel should not be censored... It's real

13.Where would you like to see A02 in 5 years time?

Jenko: AO2?... Five years? Are you kidding me?!? ROcking shows on spacestations! Thousands in crowds! Understanding we can make a difference! Not just musically, but
socially, and academically! We would like to have an impact such as bands like U2!!!

LifeSaver: Touring the world, making a difference, and being universally known... Welcome to Earth 4!!!

14.Any last words for our defiant readers and your fans out there?

LifeSaver: Be prepared for when AO2 takes over the world, might as well jump on the bandwagon lol... , We love ya'll!!!

Jenko: Is life but a dream, or dream be life upon the pillow? Yellow Brick road or Breadcrumb can lead the Hero!!! But do choose wise, you should listen to AO2 Folks!!!
Shout out to all the Earth 4 Visionites... Weirdo Spawn, Black Velvet, Tony G, J. Caudillo, Babe Boi...

- Defiance Webizine UK

Discography -
Album: "Let It Ride" LP
"Victory Cig"
"October's Poets"
"Oh Shit"
"Welcome To The End"



AO2 is A New GroundBreaking New Genre Group "RockHopic"
Fuses Rock-Hip Hop-Epic Music For Fans Globally!!! Currently at 900,000 Total Plays And Counting on Myspace.!
AO2 Has been Making Underground And Soon World History Upon the Pre-Release of thier Debut Album "Let It Ride"
The Epic Heroes Lifesaver, & Jenko Takes Visionites from an obsolete world of poverty and tainted visions,
upon the Spaceship "Galore Galactic" to the New World Earth 4!!
Here Visionites Learn The New Language of Visionichagnese:
English,French,Spanish,German, & Japanese fusion!! ......
Thats just the surface of things to come on this epic adventure!!!
Stay tuned for More Awesome Music from this History making Group!!!
---AO2 !!!!!