BandRockHip Hop

AO2 has created their own genre "RockHopIc"!!! Beastie Boys meets OutKast meets the future of music with a dash of rock flavor on the side! We are like nothing the world has heard thus far but soon plan to have one of our CD's in every household in the world... AO2 is here to stay!!


AO2 is A New GroundBreaking New Genre Group "RockHopic"
Fuses Rock-Hip Hop-Epic Music For Fans Globally!!! Currently at 900,000 Total Plays And Counting on Myspace.!
AO2 Has been Making Underground And Soon World History Upon the Pre-Release of thier Debut Album "Let It Ride"
The Epic Heroes Lifesaver, & Jenko Takes Visionites from an obsolete world of poverty and tainted visions,
upon the Spaceship "Galore Galactic" to the New World Earth 4!!
Here Visionites Learn The New Language of Visionichagnese:
English,French,Spanish,German, & Japanese fusion!! ......
Thats just the surface of things to come on this epic adventure!!!
Stay tuned for More Awesome Music from this History making Group!!!
---AO2 !!!!!

Discography -
Album: "Let It Ride" LP
"Victory Cig"
"October's Poets"
"Oh Shit"
"Welcome To The End"

Set List

1. Let It Ride
2. Welcome To The End
3. Oh Shit
4. Prosperity
5. October's Poets
6. Nowhere
7. Victory Cig
8. Forealit

~40-50 minutes long