AOC Entertainment

AOC Entertainment

BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

We do a variety of music such as techno,rap, gospel, and r&b i say we yhe best inour area why? cause we dedicated to what we do and we have good talent o back it up


Influces would be artist such as Gucci Maine,T.I.,Jay-z,UGK.What makes us different from other artist is that our music is original and does not sound like anyone in our area.We sale out of cds everywhere we go and keep the crowds hype I think that we are a very Marketable and would brng ay compay money and i gaurantee a platium album.


Jazzy lil Braud,Like That,She watchin me jigg

Set List

Jazzy lil Braud,Like That,She watchin me jigg our sets usually last for 10 min max or longer depends on the amounts of songs.