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Artists Over Industry

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Artists Over Industry is more than just the name of the group. AOI believes that music should be made by artists, not a table of executives. The utilize blending of introspective rhymes, social commentary, story telling, and appealing tracks to provide their personal perspectives of life.


Artists Over Industry represents more than just a group, its represents state of consciousness and respect. As lofty as that may sound, it is a thesis based in humility. Originally calling themselves "The C.O.R.E." (creatively ostracizing ridiculous entertainment), a name they shed due to conflict with copyrighting, Artists Over Industry has always maintained one frame of mind, do you. As cliche as it sounds, many people in today's society fail to adhere to that simple phrase.

Artists Over Industry is comprised of three unique individuals:

- Inkwell the Biologic: Emcee/Producer.
Heavily influenced by his bachelor's degree in philosophy Inkwell takes a unique approach at emceeing. Despite the complexity of topics, Inkwell manages to effectively solidify the abstract.

- Windchill: Emcee/Producer. With a passion rarely seen in humanity, let alone emcees, Windchill's love for hip hop has excelled him to a level self expression few can say they have achieved.

- Gard: Guitar Player. DJ. Engineer. Avid Record Collector. Gard embodies a plethora of abilities and adds a layer of trained musicianship to the overall sound and feel of the music.

All 3 members are originally from Enola, Pennsylvania, a city not known for its music scene. Due to the disparity of venues willing to accept hip hop, Artists Over Industry hosted their first 15 shows by themselves. From the first show they ever performed at and hosted, New Years Eve 2003 at a local fire hall, to their most recent trips to Manhattan, Florida and New Hampshire, AOI has continued to gain momentum and maintain their passion. They offer a refined sound not common to hip hop. A sound that offers the fullness and crispness of a digital recording with the warmth and emotion of analog. All three members of AOI are students of classic rock, as well as classic hip hop, so their sound is somewhere between The Grassroots and Gang Starr. With each subsequent release and performance AOI sharpens their skills and continues to win the audiences over.


Time Line EP 2003
Research and Development LP 2004
Sunlight Single 2005
Leaps & Bounds LP 2006

Set List

Typical Set List:
1. 5-8 Songs totalling 20-30 mins.