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"Montreal Mirror's Best Of 2009"

Best Hip Hop Act
1. Nomadic Massive
2. Velvet Trench Vibes
3. Annakin Slayd
4. M.O.
5. Mugz
6. Magnum 357
7. AOT Live
8. Omnikrom
9. The Narcicyst
10. Malicious
Honourable mentions: SoCalled, Random Recipe, Sans Pression, Typecast, Payz Play, Milli Millz - The Montreal Mirror


McGill's own unofficial live hip hop act, AOT, took command in front of a packed crowd teeming with anticipation, opening with their lead single. An acronym for "Ashes on the Table," AOT is made up of eight versatile artists with an eclectic set of skills. These guys attempt not only to bring live MC'ing on stage, but they also demonstrate a unique energy and vibe that is a pillar of hip hop culture. AOT applies varied styles from song to song, using a great range of beats. They also keep their show visually enticing with standard hip hop antics, gear, and dance moves. For more information about the band, visit their Web site at www.theaot.com, and catch them playing at Le Swimming this Thursday for a night of good beats, cool rhymes, and beautiful women. - The Mcgill Tribune


AshesOntheTable Mixtape Vol.1 (2005)

Kweku and the Movement: Full 'Eh Show (2007)

The Cycle EP (To be released 2009)



The sound of uplifting underground Hip Hop has finally found its ambassadors in Montreal. AOT (Ashes On the Table) has been cultivating its sound for over 6 years, developing a sound now ripe for fruition. Dali, Mr. Konz, and Black Russian have been making music together for the past decade. More recently, the addition of Sarah MK and production duo Kay Fal and MetiK (Plateau Sound) has added a new melodic and harmonic level to their work. With a powerful mix of lyricism and musicality, AOT has been working on a style that represents their roots and the influences that surround them on a daily basis. Known for being humorous and energetic, they form to bring hard-hitting, conscious lyrics that are both clever and provocative. While splashing beat-boxing, and DJing elements throughout their sets, their strength lies in how dynamic and comfortable the emcees are with each others lyrics. As a result of their evolution, they’ve enjoyed a snowball effect with fans who flock to their shows at an exponential rate. Word of mouth has donned AOT the reputation for being one of the only authentic, live hip hop acts in the city of Montreal, an honor reserved for few, with much more yet to come.