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Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States | SELF

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States | SELF
Band R&B Soul


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"Getting Off of the Ground"

Apagee emerges with a positive message and looks to direct hip hop and R&B scene

There are many different approaches to launching a new band. More often than not, the group will start writing and rehearsing, then hit the stage to work out the kinks, allowing its first fans and audience members to witness the growth process.

Other bands will write and rehearse until they have their act down to a science, then hit the stage as tightly as possible. Then, there's the real exception to the rule: once in a rare while, a band will wait until they have the entire package put together -- songs, chemistry, performance, even a finished CD -- in order to debut as a fully polished artist.

This week we've got one of the latter making what is essentially its Tulsa debut with a CD release at The Marquee on Friday night. Apagee is a genre-crossing R&B act created around the husband-wife duo of AJ and Sarah Sellers.

Augmented with a live drummer, the act is delivering a sound and message that's a far cry from the commercial and indie rock that dominates most of our live club scene right now.

As opposed to the small but growing local hip-hop scene that has allowed artists like PDA, Kawnar, X-Cal, Infamous and Algebra to emerge with a decidedly rock influence and attitude, Apagee certainly incorporates hip-hop, but it goes in a more traditionally R&B direction.

Granted, we do a have a number of straight hip-hop/R&B artists developing in town, but you have to search to find them as most rarely play live shows in town or do so with little publicity. Even then, most of those artists are more rap-oriented, while Apagee's sound is more soul driven.

Granted, the opening track on the disc might make you expect another rock infused disc, as "L.I.V.E." features a huge guitar groove from Noah Henson of Pillar. In this instance, however, instead of the muscular hard-rock riff Henson is commonly known for, he hits a decidedly funk vibe and Sarah Seller's vocals draw everything back to a soul inspired center.

In discussing the band's sound and direction, Sarah explained that they prefer to call what they do "world music," because of the diverse influences incorporated. "Our goal was to hit as many genres as possible with this CD," she said.

While the pair did succeed in touching on a number of influences, the disc's consistency remains intact because it all revolves around hip hop and R&B.

A.J. Seller's rapping appears throughout the disc and stands out most predominantly in the hip-hop cut, "I'ma Do Me." More often, though, the rapping proves secondary to Sarah's stellar vocal chops. The vocal interplay between the two proves engaging and balances the disc as a whole, but Sarah's vocals are definitely the centerpiece.

Of course, an album can't stand without strong songwriting and that's where the group's six song EP stands apart from its peers. Although not a Christian act, per se, the positive messages incorporated into each of the songs definitely give that impression, yet could still fit on mainstream R&B radio. "The Call," in particular, shows promise for crossover success as a tribute to our military, relating the story of a soldier serving overseas and calling a loved one before returning home.

Perhaps "It's Not OK" is the most obviously message driven as Sarah Sellers said that the song was a matter of calling out what the group sees when looking at media and music and how lax it is in its morals and values.

"A lot of media and music now is very directive and the fans follow whatever the music says," AJ said in explaining the thought process that spawned a song that derides a society and media that sends the message: "It's OK to cheat, it's OK to steal, it's OK to say you won't, but you really will ... "

"We're not a religious band, but we do believe in doing the right thing," Sarah said. "We're just pulling from our personal experiences and the circumstances around us."

AJ then continued the thought by explaining, "We're not a Christian band, but our music and message is positive. We can play anywhere because out music is positive."

Friday night, Apagee will be performing at The Marquee to celebrate the release of the group's self-titled EP. Doors open at 6:30pm with the music beginning at 7pm, and DJ Civil Rights will be spinning cuts before the show with another DJ performing after.

Local rapper Des Starr will also make an appearance, filling his role in "I'ma Do Me" as well as performing a couple of his own tracks, while Apagee will headline the evening.

It's all-ages show and $15 cover includes admission and a copy of the new EP, with a couples' option of $25 (two tickets and one CD) and kids 10 and younger admitted free.

For an act that's only done two other live shows so far, the product of nearly two years writing together has paid off with an impressive, six-song debut EP. At this point, the group plans to start playing more live shows and building a following with the goal of returning in the studio in the fall to complete a full length disc. This is a great jumping off point and a strong start for the band's career. - BY G.K. HIZER


Apagee (Self Titled E.P )

Radio Play: Z.104.5 The Edge Home Grown Show
April 18th, May 2nd

2.It's Not OK ( Single)
Radio Play: Z.104.5 The Edge Home Grown Show
April 18th

3.Before I Drown

4.I'ma Do Me

5.The Call

Radio Play: Z.104.5 The Edge Home Grown Show
April 18th



"Apagee™" – (dictionary spelling: ap·o·gee ) - the highest or most distant point; climax.

Vision: To be elevated above excuses, stereotypes & expectations. To set a higher standard & be the example.

Stemming from the original spelling “Apogee,” Apagee means “the highest or most distant point; climax.” We want to take music to a new level. Many have tried to pin-point our specific genre, however none have settled on any one in particular. The closest is “Hip Rock & Soul”…with a curve. We are based out of Tulsa , OK ; A city that has birthed many amazing artists with the same passion for music and its entirety. As our first impression we are bringing it all to the table. From rap-ballads to in your face rock, our 6-song CD will give a small glimpse of what will become the first of many to come. We have been encouraged by many close friends, artists, and the occasional passer-by to pursue this project. Teaming up with FORM.A.T Productions, we are launching our Demo/ E.P. April 23, 2010.

Aj is originally from Redding , CA where he was first introduced to the music scene. Influenced by artists such as Eminem, KJ-52, Linkin Park , Black Eyed Peas, & POD. Aj Sellers, Rap Vox, began his career goal of becoming a full time rapper. After taking 2nd in the Nation for Male Vocalist @ the Anaheim Convention Center in Los Angeles , CA in 2004; Aj decided this was only the beginning for him as an artist. He spent the next 4 years developing his talent and decided to move to Tulsa , OK to further his music endeavors. It was there that he met and married his wife, Sarah who had the same aspirations for music.

Sarah Sellers, Lead Vox, is originally from Tulsa , OK . Since the young age of 3, she has been involved with music. Having done a little of everything from school choir to church worship, a highschool goth-rock band to a songbird with her piano, she couldn’t set music aside. Her influences range from Sarah McLachlan, Norah Jones, Eva Cassidy & Etta James to Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguillera, Sarah Brightman & Kelly Clarkson. After teaching herself to play the piano when she was 15, Sarah began a new level in her music career; moving from a solo singer, to a singer/songwriter & composer. Working a normal day job to pay the bills while aiming to become a full-time musician, she has progressed by competing in several singing competitions including American Idol 2009 & the local “Gimme the Mike” 2008 where she took 2nd in the finals.

Logan Miller, Drummer, was born and raised in Tulsa, OK. At 19 years old, he has accomplished playing drums for 5 years personally, and 3 years professionally. His major influences were rock and roll icons Blink 182 and the Red Hot Chile peppers.

Now as Apagee, we will continue to push the boundaries in the music industry. We are looking forward to anything that comes our way!