A Page To Burn

A Page To Burn


We are a six-piece talented hardcore/metalcore band. Our music consists of odd time signature riffs mixed with catchier melodic ones. Our lyrics are story-based so the instrumentals coincide with the events in the story. We also do a lot of vocal layering since all 6 can sing and/or scream.


A six piece band that started in 2007 as a fun summer project. Originally being a 5 piece, the band is finally set with a very talented 6 piece line up with the return of vocalist Braeden Mitchell. After Braeden parted ways for personal reasons, Tony was picked up to fill in on guitar duties as well as a fine addition to vocals. Late in 2007, Braeden returned for dedicated vocals.

Bassist Matt De Luca currently is studying for his Bachelor's Degree of Contemporary Music (Bass Profile) Humber college. Vocalist Braeden Mitchell is currently training to attend Humber College as well.

Now with this stellar line up the band is thriving and performing any chance they get.

Set List

Song 1 - I Sign This Bullet Regret
Song 2 - Dear Jessica,
Song 3 - Gabriel
Song 4 - Unbuckle Your Seatbelt Brett, We're Going For A Ride
Set time around 25 minutes