Aparallax takes the essence of the 311/Sublime Groove Rock style and turns it on edge, with Heavy guitars and drums with sweet Harmonys and Hooks.


Aparallax was formed in early 2004 by Donnie Barber and Keith Nicholas. They wanted to start a new project that would revolutionize the local rock scene in Virginia. Since that time they have turned the local scene upside down. Playing anywhere from Main to Florida. They have become widely known as one of the premier acts on the East Coast. In late 2008 they decided to take a break from performing to focus on writing and building an album that would explode the Richmond Scene. In 2009 Aparallax began performing again with their latest orginals and cover set list in tact and were amazed at the overwelming response that their originals received. They quickly became well known for their unique style and songwriting abilitys. Unfortunatly in late 2009 they had to split with two former members. Then in December of that year they hired Kevin and Allen (The Rythem Section)from the recently defunked band Laden Angel. The combined forces of Donnie/Keith with Kevin/Allen has set Aparallax over the top. The new and improved Aparallax is now ready for the takover that Donnie and Keith had envisioned from the start, Look out America here they come!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aparallax is currently in the studio working on their first studio alubum. It is scheduled for relase on August the 15th 2010!!!!!

Set List

Taken Off (Orignial)
Shame (Original)
Vision (Orignial)
Show me the way(Orignial)
Last Dance(Tom Petty)
Bullet W. B. WINGS(S. Pump)
1-Beautiful Disaster-311
3-Don’t Tread-311
4-Love Song-311
5-Lollipop-Framing Hanley
7-Dani-Califorinia-chili peppers
8-Love Song-Amber lynn
10-No Control-pepper
11-Creep-radio head
12-Little Wing-Hendrix
13-Panic Switch-Silver Sun pickups
14-Last Dance-Tom Petty
15-7 Nation Army-white stripes
16-Bulls on Parade-Rage
17-Bullet with Butterfly Wings-Smashing Pumpkins
18-Slither-Velvet Revolver
19-Champagne Supernova-Oasis
20-Everlong-Foo Fighters
21-Bond For the Floor-Local H
22-Hard to Handle-Black Crowes
23-Regulators-APX version
25-watchtower-Axp version
26-Paralyzer-finger eleven
27-Little things-Bush
28-Killem in the name of-Rage against Machine
29-Guirrella Radio-Rage against machine
30-Pardom Me- Incubus